Patrick Roy’s son makes his acting debut: Frédérick Roy lands a role in “Shoresy” – Le Journal de Québec

After a career as a hockey player and studying law, Frédérick Roy will try to conquer his place as an actor as we can see him in the second season of the series Shoresy.

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While Jonathan Roy is enjoying great success with his music, it is now the turn of Patrick Roy’s youngest son Frédérick to try his luck in the world of art. The 32-year-old actor couldn’t ask for anything better for his first role on the small screen, as the series Shoresy allows him to combine his two passions: hockey and acting.

“I felt like I was at home [sur le plateau de tournage]“The film team is exceptional and I really had the impression of being in a real hockey room,” says Frédérick happily, accompanied by Le Journal. “The fact that we are several former players [de hockey] professionals [dans la série] This makes the scenes more realistic and the humor very authentic,” adds the man, who has been passionate about acting since a young age.

Change your mind

Although he has no regrets or bitterness about his career as a hockey player and his family’s passion for the sport, the former Quebec Remparts admits that cinema helped him a lot in becoming an outlier.

“In our house it was just hockey,” says the man who grew up in Colorado. “My parents’ divorce wasn’t easy either. Cinema and television allowed me to distract myself from it all,” he then explains.

While most young athletes love physical education classes, Frédérick eagerly looked forward to acting classes.

“I loved my acting classes,” he says enthusiastically. “You can unleash your creative side and your imagination, you can get out of your body and be different, but at the same time be yourself and not be afraid,” he explains.

Frédérick Roy will make his acting debut in the second season of the series Shoresy.

Patrick Roy’s youngest son was passionate about cinema from a young age. Gerry Kingsley New Metric Media

Just as he decided to take a year off from hockey to get into the sport, Frédérick met Shoresy producer Jared Keeso.

“When I was 18, I decided to go to Los Angeles for a year to study cinema: it completely changed my life,” he remembers. “I took diction lessons to improve my American accent and Jared [Keeso] had the same trainer as me. »

Jared Keeso is best known for his role in the popular series Letterkenny, but also played Ben Chartier in the English-language revival of the detective series 19-2.

14 years later, Frédérick couldn’t believe it when he was contacted about joining the cast of Shoresy.

“I thought I received a scam message,” he says with a laugh. “It’s been 14 years since I last saw Jared, but I saw that it wasn’t a prank; That’s how I got my role. »

A spin-off of the Letterkenny series, Shoresy tells the story of a senior hockey team playing in a minor league in Ontario and literally fighting for their survival. In addition to Frédérick Roy, who played two seasons in the American Hockey League, there are several other former professional players in the game, such as Terry Ryan, who already wore the colors of the Canadiens, strongman Jon Mirasty and Jonathan Ismaël-Diaby, a Blainville defenseman, who was drafted in the third round by the Nashville Predators in 2013.

The first episodes of Shoresy’s second season will be available on Crave from September 29th and a French translated version is expected by the end of the year.