Alex Schwazer’s defense against Massimilano Varrese Big Brother 2023 | Girlfriend Big Brother

October 4, 2023

The athlete cannot bear the criticism of the actor and accepts his defense

After the first activity of the day, the first tensions become noticeable at home. Heidi
he notices a certain nervousness in him Maximilian and confronts the tenant
Greece“He’s always angry,” says the actress, agreeing with her partner.

Cornflower And Alexwho listen to the statements of the two tenants, take up the defense of the actor and do not accept that he is spoken of in this way and without understanding.

The athlete, who turns to the actress, justifies Massimiliano’s behavior and his silence by thinking about what he experienced during the last live broadcast: “He was subsequently rejected by Heidi in 5 minutes, he received a letter from his ex -Girlfriend and a drawing.” “Given his daughter, it’s normal for him to be thoughtful the next day,” he says, very annoyed.

The actress claims to be aware of the strong emotions the actor is feeling, but claims, sure in her mind, that Massimiliano is nervous about something else: “I see him worried a lot.”

“He feels bad because the woman he likes rejected him. It’s normal for him to feel bad,” Fiordaliso intervenes, agreeing with what Alex expressed. “If someone is sad, we go and help them,” the singer continues.

Finally, Fiordaliso urges his companions not to judge without knowledge and to accept other people’s moments of sadness or loneliness.

Tensions are rising in the House of Representatives, the confrontations are becoming more and more heated: how will the tenants’ day unfold?