Amadeus and his wife Giovanna tell of betrayal: "Suitcases are waiting at the door" IT

Amadeus, his second wife Giovanna, opened the tap to betrayal. Suitcases are waiting at the door. The story of the facts.

They have been one of the most beautiful and united couples in the vast world of Italian entertainment for many years. And we’re talking about Amedeo Sebastiani, better known as Amadeus, and it is beautiful too Ms. Giovanna. They also brought it into the world together Josewho has become a great teenager and who he shares with his father the passion for music.Would you like your advertising here?

For him the showgirl She gave up her job for several years, but for a few years, now that she’s older, she introduced herself on television again sent by various television shows Rai trademark. We also recently saw her as a welcome guest at Antonella Clergy to show us one of his delicious recipes.

Joanna In short, she is a woman of a thousand skills and, as they say, marry. Not at all the good Sebastiani he married her twice! The first with a civil ceremony and the second with a religious ceremony after obtaining the annulment of the first in which she was born Alice. Among other things, the daughter gets along very well Civitillo who in turn idolizes her.

Amadeus and his wife Giovanna reveal the truth about the betrayal

But now that the beloved presenter is firmly back at the top of the early evening quiz show on Rai 1 after a well-deserved summer break Your businessin its traditional version, a cloud has settled over his heador. In fact, his better half raised the very sensitive topic during one of his television interviews Treason.

In short, the dancer who became very famous in the years of her debut on television the shockhe made that known The suitcases would be ready at the door. And how is that possible? They are so beautiful together and have even fulfilled their dream marry in church and now she’s talking about all this? The fans are at a loss and don’t really know what to say or think.The truth about Giovanna and Amadeus' betrayalAmadeus and Giovanna

“Suitcases are at the door” when and if it might happen

No fear, no real betrayal it happened between them. Simply put a hypothetical This is how she would react from her husband. And that’s exactly what he would do, apparently. In short, both are seriously convinced Value of loyalty what in reality a love relationship should be based on and most importantly a wedding.

And now Ama and Giovanna are more in love than ever Even if he opened his personal Instagram profile from February 2023 with the participation of Chiara Ferragni. The fact is that there are also many photos on his page that show him in the company of his wonderful treasure. And she does exactly the same thing.

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