Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS

Podcasting is the word of the decade when it comes to audience engagement. Having a podcast not only enhances the audience experience, but it also enhances participation. Spoken words, after all, do travel faster than those in print. Content creators, marketers, TV channels, even websites have entered the podcasting space and hence, there is fresh content in the market every day. There’s a lot to choose from for the audience. And a lot of competition for the podcasters out there. It becomes of utmost importance, thus, to watch what you put out there as a podcaster. And to facilitate this, the internet is flushed with podcasting apps for Android and iOS that let you create and post your podcasts hassle-free, anytime, anywhere. Let’s take a look at some of the best podcast apps for Android and iOS.

Anchor is the best free podcast app for android and iOS out there. This platform is also available as on the web. Anchor comes equipped with multiple features like importing voice messages from your device, importing songs from music streaming services like Spotify, and even your own existing podcasts from other platforms as long as you have the copyrights. The interface of this platform is very user-friendly and the easy to use tools let you experiment with your soundtracks with uniform blending and smooth transitioning from one track to another. After completion, you can host your podcast on iTunes or Google Play or choose to upload it to a public/private hosting service.

Audioboom is the best podcast app on Android and iOS for beginners. It provides you with all basic audio editing tools including mixing, transitioning, frequency and playback speed editing. However, this platform is more listener-centric than user-centric. It comes with a limit of five podcasts per month and ten thousand plays and the subscription for this platform starts from $10 per month.

Spreaker Studio is the best podcast app on iOS and Android phones for beginners as well as professional podcasters. It has the most tie-ups with third-party apps and lets you host your podcasts on almost any hosting service in the world. It has the best podcasting and sound-mixing features in the lot and lets you record and broadcast live as well as in an edited version. It comes with a very intuitive interface that can make you feel like actually being in a recording studio with soundboard controls at your fingertips. You can create single-host or multiple-guest podcasts with volume control that can be customized for each participant. It comes in free as well as priced versions with the lowest price at $6 per month.

Primarily a hosting service, SoundCloud also lets you create podcasts and upload them directly on their platform. This service is provided for a fixed number of podcasts per month under a subscription. You can also browse through and explore the huge catalog of podcasts hosted on this platform to gauge competition and draw inspiration.