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Big Brother, Heidi shocking confession live:

In yesterday’s episode of Big Brother, Heidi Baci experienced an unprecedented revelation about Massimiliano.

In last night’s episode of Big Brother, Alfonso Signorini spoke again the relationship between Massimiliano Varrese and Heidi Baci.

When she was called into the Mystery Room, Gieffina first saw – via a clip – the summary of the week in which she can also be seen the actor’s statements about how she really feels about her roommate. For the first time since she entered the House of Representatives, Heidi Baci was invited by the host to comment on everything. She let herself go a little more by getting off balance with her roommate.

Here’s what he said: “From the outside, I see two people who like each other very much, I can’t deny that.” Although Heidi admitted that she had a fondness for the actress given the reaction of the studio audience, Then he immediately turned around and came to the conclusion: “I for one am not as intense as him though, I can’t lie, what he feels seems a bit excessive to me and I admit that I don’t reciprocate it in the same way.” I’m sorry, I have not afraid, on the contrary, it’s the fear of hurting him, I want to protect him.

Big Brother, Heidi lets herself go live

Back in the salon for a personal conversation with Massimiliano Varrese, Heidi He made a point of emphasizing for the umpteenth time that he has no feelings towards the roommate, but simply sympathy. “I don’t like you, let’s end the movie here,” the girl shouted. “I didn’t expect anything other than what he told me. Everyone needs their own time, emotions cannot be the same for everyone,” replies the actor.

However, the public would not have the same idea of ​​wanting to end the story between the two here, but still leaves the door open Space for possible new emotions and new revelations. On the other hand, the game has become even more interesting since a few days ago it became a love triangle between Massimiliano, Heidi and Vittorio. Who will have the upper hand between the two Gieffini? Who will win Heidi Baci’s heart?

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