Big Brother Vip, Sophie Codegoni shows up without an engagement ring: It’s a crisis with Alessandro Basciano

Critical moment for Sophie and Alessandro. Born during the sixth edition of Gf VIP, the couple appears to be at odds and Codegoni appeared for the first time without Basciano’s ring.

It seems to have arrived the darkest moment between Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bascianothe former Tronista and former admirer of Men and Women, protagonists of the sixth edition of Girlfriend VIP where they met and fell in love.

Gf Vip: Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano have “broken up”, the shocking indiscretion

Codegoni no longer follows Basciano on social mediaShe no longer posts a few photos with him or shared moments with the little one Celine Blue, born on May 12th. There was talk of this days ago A very ugly argument in front of many witnesses is this Sophia he would have no intention of forgiving Alexanderclose all doors.

As if that wasn’t enough, the former Tronista and influencer appeared on social media for the first time. without Basciano’s engagement ring. The Ligurian DJ romantically proposed to Sophie on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival a little over a year ago. The images of Basciano kneeling in front of Sophie on the event’s red carpet went around the world, marking the beginning of what appeared to be a true love story that culminated with the arrival of Celine Blue.

Today, as already mentioned, the promises, the bond and the love between Sophie and Alessandro it would have disappeared. L’Social researcher Alessandro Rosica He posted a story on Instagram in which he talked about “messages, calls and witnesses” to the argument between them, adding that they would no longer be a couple. “Exceptions are always made for the children, maybe we could try again. But to date they have separated.”

Weeks ago, Sophie Codegoni He had actually acknowledged that he was going through a difficult time but confirmed his love for Alexander. “Everyone argues, everyone makes little stupid and impulsive gestures, but don’t worry because with love and positivity everything can be solved,” the former Tronista wrote. Today, however, we are no longer talking about a crisis for the couple, but about a real one break.

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