Cher was accused of hiring four men to kidnap her son Infobae

Singer Cher (Portal/Mario Anzuoni)

This is indicated by court documents unearthed by Chron Elijah Blue Allmanyoungest son of the singer CherHe was forcibly taken from a hotel room. According to the documents, there were four men who kidnapped Elijah while his wife, Marieangela KingI saw them take him away without being able to do anything. However, the most remarkable thing about this case is apparently that It was Elijah’s own mother, singer Cher, who was responsible for her son’s kidnapping.

Marieangela made this known in a complaint filed on December 4, in which she asserted that the events dated back to November 2022, when she and her husband locked themselves in a hotel room in New York to try to repair their relationship There was already a breaking point to be put in order and the divorce was latent. Despite everything, the couple managed to reconcile and as they continued their stay at the hotel, the four men appeared to take Elijah with them. According to Marieangela, one of the kidnappers confessed that they were working under Cher’s orders.

“After spending those 12 days together in New York…four people came to our hotel room and took (Allman) out of our room” (Courtesy Pirelli Calendar 2022/Bryan Adams/Handout via Portal)

“After spending these 12 days together in NY… Four people came to our hotel room and took (Allman) out of our room. One of the four men who took him told him that they were hired by (Allman’s) mother.“.

Marieangela added that she has not been allowed to go near Elijah since August 2022. Apparently, Cher hatched this whole plan with the intention of forcibly sending her 47-year-old son to a rehabilitation center so he could deal with his drug addiction.

I don’t know how my husband is doing or where he is at the moment.. I am very worried and desperate for him. Since August I have been told that I am not allowed to see or talk to them [Allman]The He is currently incarcerated in a treatment center that was not disclosed to me.. I was told that too [Allman] “He doesn’t have access to his phone.”

“I don’t know how my husband is doing or where he is at the moment. “I am very worried and desperate for him,” Mariangela said outside the Los Angeles court (Photo: Instagram/iamqueenyking)

However, despite Cher’s unorthodox measures, Marieangela confessed that she understands that this is all so that Elijah can redeem himself: “I understand his family’s efforts to ensure his safety and I want the best for my husband.”

Currently, Elijah and Marieangela are going through a divorce (their twelve days in prison were not enough to save their love), and it was during the trial in the Los Angeles courthouse that the kidnapping of Cher’s youngest son was saved by Marieangela.

According to Chron, Elijah spent the last six months at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. According to reports from guests, Elijah smoked a cigarette daily at the reception and eventually passed out, apparently under the influence of a drug. After collapsing at the hotel entrance, the musician also collapsed He was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Pasadena, California.

According to reports from the Chron, Elijah spent the last six months in a hotel in Los Angeles and was then transferred to a rehabilitation center (Photo: Instagram/iamqueenyking).

Elijah has a drug-addicted past. In a revealing interview with Entertainment Tonight, he confessed that he started using marijuana and ecstasy at the age of 11. Elijah also mentioned that without the heroin he would probably be dead by now.

I started using drugs (weed and ecstasy) around the same time as everyone else, around age 11. I mean, it’s what you did, it’s what everyone did (…) (Heroin) saved me in a way… If I hadn’t had that back then, I don’t know what would I would have done. .. You can jump off a bridge. If you can just go through this time and live and then seek help.”