Dumas is the musical director of Martin Matte live: “He wanted a big band that had an impact” – Le Journal de Québec

I can’t wait for people to discover the show and the main theme I composed. It all started with Martin, who wanted a real live band like on American talk shows. He insisted that the five of us were musicians. He wanted a big band that had an impact. »

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Dumas had a fever on Thursday, a few hours before the TVA premiere of Martin Matte en direct.

He has been a big fan of American late-night talk shows since his youth and will be taking on the role of musical director of a TV show for the first time in his career.

“I was really tempted to take on this project. I really like Martin and it’s a great artistic challenge. I wanted to give the band a talk show sound. It allows me to go into a musical zone that I like, but that you don’t necessarily find on my albums. Something very unusual, very festive with the presence of brass. »

Host Martin Matte and musical director Dumas will work together on the set of the show Martin Matte en direct.

Dumas and his band during Martin Matte’s live rehearsals. Photo by Michel Grenier Cedric Belanger

50 to 60 different compositions

That’s what we’ll find out when we hear the show’s theme, sung by Kim Richardson, also known as “the greatest soul voice in Quebec,” emphasizes Dumas.

“I know Fallon, Letterman, etc. well. You have bands that have a New York, funky, jazzy sound. “I started from this idea,” says the man who has created between 50 and 60 different compositions to meet the musical needs (transitions to commercial breaks, accompaniment of guests) of the ten episodes of Martin Matte live.

“Maybe little things come up, but otherwise I try not to repeat myself. There is something new at every trade fair. »

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Blank power of attorney

Dumas had a free hand in the composition of the group (see below). In particular, he was able to recruit two musicians who have already accompanied him on tour.

This leads him to believe that the show’s “funky and soulful” musical universe could rub off on his own compositions. “It made me want to explore that and maybe there are things I could put into songs at some point. »

As in the United States, we can assume that the musical director will sometimes be asked to interact with the presenter.

“I’m only a few meters away from Martin, so close to the action. I think this will evolve as the episodes progress. It will happen for sure. I am open to all improvisations. »

Martin’s band

Musical director: Dumas

Keyboards: Gabriel Godbout-Castonguay (Dumas, Les Praises)

Drums: Philippe Beaudin (Dumas, The Brooks)

Bass: Fabienne Gilbert (Damien Robitaille)

Brass: Nicolas Boulay (The Dashing Cowboys)

(in brackets the artists they have already played with)