Fedez, how is he: “Slight improvement, but remains in hospital.” The situation is delicate”

Fedez remains in the hospital in the surgical department of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Milan. The 33-year-old rapper has been there since last Thursday, when he underwent emergency surgery for bleeding caused by two abdominal ulcers, a rare complication of the difficult surgery he underwent last year to remove a tumor.

A message from Ansa gave information about his health on the evening of October 3rd, the first official since his stay in the clinic. The singer would be “slight improvement with recovery of hemoglobin levels”. After the new crisis on Sunday evening, when the doctors intervened with an urgent gastroscopy in the operating room after another bleeding.

The rapper, it goes on to say, “is constantly monitored through blood count checks.” Despite the slight improvement The situation remains “delicate”, say the doctors. There is actually no talk of a resignation at the moment: “He will most likely stay in the hospital until at least next week.” His wife is always at his side Chiara Ferragni, suddenly returned from Paris, where she was watching the Fashion Week shows. Also present were the rapper’s parents, his mother Annamaria Berrinzaghi and his father Franco Lucia, who released a very short statement after being released from the hospital: “We have to be strong for him, he’s a little bit better.”

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Her sister Valentina also announced that she had not left for Paris “Stay close to his family.”. While the other sister, Francesca, was photographed in the park with Chiara Ferragni and Fedez’s new dog Paloma. The couple’s social profiles remain silent. When the news of his hospitalization broke a few days ago, the rapper wanted to share a note: “In the meantime, thank you for all the messages you send me because support is always good in these moments.” Unfortunately, I am currently in the hospital two ulcers that caused internal bleeding. Thanks to two blood transfusions, I’m feeling much better now. I thank the medical staff who literally saved my life.”

Fedez, how is he today? He underwent another operation because of renewed bleeding

The rapper needed a new transfusion. He remains hospitalized at Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Milan. At his side are his wife Chiara Ferragni and his parents

Doctor Massimo Falconi, the surgeon who operated on him in 2022, explained what happened to the rapper a few hours later. Speaking to Corriere della Sera, the doctor explained the nature of Fedez’s ulcer, an event that “can happen nearby.”Anastomosis, or where we surgeons “sewn”, stitched”. In fact, last year’s intervention was no nonsense. “Most of the duodenum, the gallbladder, the head of the pancreas and a piece of intestine were removed, an important operation,” recalls the specialist.