Fedez, new bleeding ulcer: taken to operating room

Fedez, Admitted to the Fatebenefratelli Sacco Hospital in MilanThis evening he was taken to the operating room again an urgent gastroscopy to stop bleeding from another ulcer.

Fedez new bleeding ulcer taken to operating room


The rapper is weak but the bleeding has stopped

Fedez had already undergone a blood transfusion last Thursday after the discovery of two ulcers. This morning his wife Chiara Ferragni and his parents visited him in the hospital. According to well-informed sources, the rapper is very weak, but the bleeding has been stopped. Cancellations in the next few days are not possible.

On September 30, he was hospitalized for two ulcers

Fedez returned to the hospital on September 30, but this time the pancreatic tumor was unrelated. “Unfortunately, I am currently in the hospital with two ulcers that have caused internal bleeding,” the rapper said on Instagram after days of social blackout. On Thursday he arrived by ambulance at the Fatebenefratelli emergency room in Milan and, after the first examinations, was admitted to a paid operating room.

In March 2022, he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer

In March 2022, Fedez announced that he had pancreatic cancer. “Last week I discovered that I have a rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas – he announced on social media – one of those that you can’t have well in your body if you don’t detect it in time. That’s why I had to undergo a six-hour surgery to remove part of my pancreas (including the tumor).