For dinner with Travis Kelce: Taylor Swift pays the bills for all clients – Le Journal de Québec

The least we can say is that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift needed space for a one-on-one dinner on Sunday after the Chiefs’ win in Kansas City against the Chicago Bears.

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According to Page Six, the singer allegedly paid all customers’ bills so they would leave the local restaurant. Videos also circulated on TikTok.

“I just received a call from a friend [du Missouri] and Taylor goes to a place and she just paid for everyone in the restaurant to leave, one fan said. They were eating and the waitress came up to her and said, “Here’s the deal.” Everything is paid for, but you have to leave immediately. “This is completely crazy.”

She stated that Travis Kelce’s teammates also went to the restaurant with the two accomplices.

There are several rumors circulating on the Internet about the relationship between the artist and the star player. The two reportedly got into the same vehicle after the game. The main participants did not provide any information about the nature of their relationship.

The singer was seen in a box with Travis Kelce’s mother during the recent Chiefs game.