Giorgia Palmas, the secret of her diet revealed: what she eats every day to have a perfect body iFood

The secret of Palmas' physiqueGiorgia Palmas Ifood

Giorgia Palmas, do you know how she manages to have such a top body? The secret of his diet.

Beautiful, beautiful and gifted a physicality that is nothing short of spectacular. That’s one way to describe greatness, and for good reason Giorgia Palmas. The showgirl and influencer with a past as a showgirl is still loved by Italians today. Happily married to Philip Magnini, together with him he is the image of happiness.

Both don’t just love super athletes practice a lot Sports but also healthy exercise. Of course, all of this isn’t just fantastic for us stay fit but also to free ourselves from the stress that all too often creeps into our lives. He obviously loves swimming, but also Train. We can say the same about them.

You, the She also loves caring for the skin on her body and face She also pampers her long hair, which is a real feast for the eyes. Giorgia is still considered a real reference for many women also visually. It’s not like that for nothing in great demand as a model and testimonials for various brands and numerous companies.

Mom and wife, loves rTake some time to recharge your batteries. Her husband, like her, is a real enthusiast good table. It’s not for nothing that they both cheered us up with so many Culinary videos. And how do they keep themselves so beautiful, apart from a lot of exercise? in shape without giving up the sins of gluttony?

Giorgia Palmas, the secret of her perfect physical condition

As far as she’s concerned, definitely She loves to keep herself hydrated Drink the usual 2 liters of water per day, preferably gentle and natural. He doesn’t even draw green teaas well as Emptying and draining herbal teas drink throughout the day. At night before going to bed he says yes a relaxing one which helps her fall asleep.

Georgie In fact, he knows that for the beauty and health of a person, both physical and psychological, which in truth almost always go hand in hand, it is necessary Sleep at least 8 hours per night. And that’s how you manage to keep it alive metabolism as well as lots of physical activity. AND the diet? Which one follows?

The secret of Palmas' physiqueGiorgia Palmas Ifood

The diet he follows

Apparently she’s a big fan of the Mediterranean It is the quintessential Italian dish, but also the most popular in the world. This way you won’t miss anything, let alone carbohydrates. Of course, don’t overdo it with the spices and quantity, but a a good plate of spaghetti he can’t say no. Then limit yourself to sweets and sausages.

He says yes, but really convinced, a fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round, not just in summer or spring. Then aim upwards easy cooking, perhaps with steam. And for the rest Sins of Gluttony From time to time he gives himself over to them because he knows they are real good for the mind.

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