Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, what really happened to Agnese? Why he doesn’t return to Italy Cityrumors Abruzzo

The previews of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 contain more than one twist: the focus is on Agnese, but also on Maria.

The ladies’ paradise It is one of the most successful soap operas in Italy. It is now in its eighth season, which fascinates viewers every day and has confirmed itself as the front runner in ratings in the reference broadcast period. At the center of the narrative are the characters’ stories, which revolve around the well-known department store. All against the historical background of the 1960s, years of economic boom and radical social changes.

The ladies’ paradise Agnese is not returning to Milan – ig photo ilparadisodellignorerai.

The debut of the new season of Il Paradiso put us front and center the scene the Countess Adelaide and her secrets, but also Vittorio Conti, who is struggling with the competition. In the previews of the next episodes, Maria can be seen, which she will soon take on due to her new job as a stylist An important decision that could upset the dynamic of fiction. A decision that has not yet been announced but that has alarmed fans of the series.

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, Agnese does not return to Italy

Maria is an independent and successful woman, now grown up and knows what makes her feel good. For this reason, his life will follow the path of his father Ciro he is not ready to accept. Apparently the stylist’s decision will also cause problems for the rest of the family, but for the young woman it will be unavoidable. Fans of the soap are very curious What will be Maria’s fate?.

It is different Agnese’s situation who apparently will not return to Milan for the time being. What keeps you away from Il Paradiso delle Ladies?

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For the moment Agnese will not return to Italy. The absence of the woman from Il Paradiso delle Signore seems certain: she will remain in London, where she has chosen a different professional path. Is the story between Armando and Agnese destined to end? Will the two try to save their relationship? It seems that for the moment the woman and her lover They will try to keep their story going despite the distancebut it won’t be easy.

The events of The family of the Amato house will become increasingly central to the soap. Finally it seems certain that Salvatore will experience new love. After many disappointments, the man finally meets the woman who will win his heart. The identity of the mysterious lady is currently unknown.