In the English version of “Plan B”: Vincent Leclerc will once again take on the role of a father who kills his entire family

Vincent Leclerc will reprise his shocking role as a man who kills his entire family in the second season of the English-language version Plan B.

The actor had played the same character in the third version of Plan B in the language of Molière, which starred Anne-Élisabeth Bossé (Indéfendable) and her partner Mélanie Pilon (Alertes). Leclerc, who we will see next year in the role of Director of the Canadian Counterintelligence Service Victor Laporte in Club Ilico’s historical and espionage series IXE-13, had to defend several difficult scenes, which will certainly be the case again in the six episodes of the English-language Counterparts of Plan B, broadcast on CBC.

Vincent Leclerc’s acting partners will be Toronto actress Vinessa Antoine (Diggstown, Interrogation) and Montrealer Sarah Booth (Three Pines, Heartland). Rossif Sutherland of Vancouver, son of Donald Sutherland, will also appear in the credits.

Directed by Jean-François Asselin – who co-created the original series in French with Jacques Drolet – the story centers on Montreal police officer Mia Coleman (Vinessa Antoine), who finds herself in a dire situation after a breakup. The almost forty-year-old will be upset when she intervenes in a house where a crisis between Paul (Vincent Leclerc) and Keri Whitman (Sarah Booth) ends in family drama. Then she will discover the Plan B agency and travel back in time to prevent this tragedy. As we know, changing the past opens the door to unfortunate and unexpected consequences.

Remember that the first season of Plan B in English starred Patrick J. Adams, François Arnaud and Karine Vanasse.

The English version of Plan B is produced by CBC in association with KOTV. The format has been adopted in France, Flemish Belgium and Germany, where it is scheduled to broadcast shortly.

In Quebec, ICI Télé is currently broadcasting the fourth season of Plan B, which relies on the talent of Pier-Luc Funk. The 29-year-old actor is also the star of the new series “Les révoltés”, which premieres at Club illico from Thursday with two new episodes per week.