"It is a lot of money": Felca Reveals How Much He Earned From NPC Lives on TikTok

YouTuber Felca became the center of attention when he revealed about two weeks ago how TikTok’s socalled “NPC Lives” work, in which users impersonate game characters and receive “treats” that users have purchased to earn money.

quotIt is a lot of moneyquot Felca Reveals How Much

To do this, Felca put on makeup and a bow with kitten ears and began to imitate the NPCs. The success was so great that several users soon decided to imitate the moneymaking trend that began outside Brazil.

You can watch Felca’s live recording on YouTube starting at 38 minutes in the video below:

However, since many people found live NPCs humiliating and monotonous, TikTok decided to limit their reach on the app due to the negative impact. Check the notification Felca received in your account:

1695501264 582 quotIt is a lot of moneyquot Felca Reveals How Much

Now the YouTuber has decided to reveal how much he has earned from his life on TikTok. According to him, there were seven lives, each lasting two hours a day. The total amounted to R$31,085.05, meaning he earned around R$2,000 per hour.

Felca also revealed that all the money received was donated equally to charities such as Instituto Ayrton Senna, Fundação Sara, Fundação HAJA, Amigos do Bem and Ampara Animal, as he said:

From the beginning, when I saw the money coming in, I said, “This isn’t mine. That goes to other people.” My parents didn’t raise me to make a living by begging for vegetables, no.

Finally, the YouTuber read out some comments from followers who said:

Felca, you ruined my life. I depended on making money, making a living. Now that you’ve arrived, TikTok has changed. What have you done to me?

In response, Felca tried to motivate his audience to look for other sources of income:

Oh my angel, go and do something else. Believe in yourself, you are capable. Hold my hand, everything will be fine.

It’s worth noting that lives are still available on TikTok, but the platform can now automatically detect repetitive movements and users imitating NPCs using artificial intelligence. In this case, these lives will no longer be recommended in the For You tab.