“It will be difficult for the AI ​​to imitate me” – TVA Nouvelles

Shakira said it was “difficult” for artificial intelligence to recreate her voice.

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In an interview with Billboard, the Colombian singer expressed her opinion on the use of AI in the music industry.

“I’ve been shown how to talk to the AI, but I don’t think they’ve nailed it yet. I have nothing to do with that,” the 46-year-old star told the publication.

“For example, the letter E sounds like my voice, but the other four vowels don’t,” she continued. I think it will be difficult for the AI ​​to imitate me. And I have more important things to do at the moment. »


The “Whenever, Wherever” singer said at the time that she was more concerned about her son’s extracurricular activities.

“My biggest concern is how Milan can play American football, soccer and baseball in the same week,” she explained humorously.

The artist has two children, Milán (10) and Sasha (8), with her ex-partner, former professional footballer Gerard Piqué.

In her interview, Shakira said her life had changed “radically” since she and the athlete split in June 2022 after 11 years of dating.

“Aside from it being a tragedy, the time I spend with my kids is really with them,” she shared. This summer, for example, I dedicated the time they spent with me entirely to them. I didn’t work and they didn’t go to summer camp. They went to Shakira Colony. »

She added: “If I can only have her half the time, I will make the most of my half. »