Luísa Sonza agrees to end racism lawsuit against lawyer

The singer Luísa Sonza agreed with the lawyer Isabel Macedo to drop the case in which she was accused of racism. The agreement was signed on August 16 this year and the amount of compensation was not disclosed. The trial was conducted under judicial secrecy.

In a note published this Wednesday (20) by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, Isabel Macedo explains that the trial is important to “show how personal inclinations, even if unconscious, shape the individual’s judgment of certain Influencing minority groups.” According to Macedo, the resolution served “to debate and reflect on the various forms of racism in our society.”

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Luisa Sonza agrees to end racism lawsuit against lawyer brasildefatocombr

The case occurred in 2018 in Fernando de Noronha. In an interview with the website Notícia Preta, Isabel Macedo recalled the episode. “It was my birthday and I was traveling alone. I danced, had fun and enjoyed the party. By chance I stopped behind Luísa. There were several famous people at the event, but I didn’t even know who she was.” . I had never heard of her. Then she turned around, patted me on the shoulder and said, “Can you get me a glass of water?” I replied that I didn’t understand, she repeated the sentence and added ‘Don’t you work here?’”

“Does whiteness always see us in this servant position? Why do they understand us as people who can only serve them, but never as people who can consume, live and travel like them?” asked Macedo.

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When she was accused of racism, Sonza denied it. However, on October 5, 2022, Sonza took to her social networks to retract her retraction. “I see this situation as an opportunity to try to get better,” said the singer.

Editor: Thalita Pires