Men and women: "I like Michele because he creates dynamism, Beatriz? She was cornered"speaks a former admirer

Cristian Di Carlo comments on the applicants for the new men’s and women’s season.

Beatriz D’Orsi and Michele Longobardi You are one of the most discussed applicants in the new season of men and women. To comment on their journey Canale 5 dating show he thought about it Cristian Di Carlo who shared his thoughts on the different dynamics that arise in the studio in a live broadcast on Instagram with Gemma Palagi.

Cristian Di Carlo and the words about the admirers of men and women

Cristian Di Carlo He’s talking about it again men and women in a live broadcast on Instagram with Gemma Palagi. After recalling his experience, the former admirer commented on the protagonists of the new season. Speaking of which Throne of Cristian Forti and Brando Ephrikianthe boy became unbalanced Beatriz D’Orsi:

Beatriz reminded me of Andrea Foriglio when he picked up Nicole and was noticed by Roberta. When this competition is created, there is a feeling on both sides of having to win, of having to say: “It’s mine.” So this situation benefited Beatriz and aroused interest in this girl. In my opinion, we men have a passion for challenges, for winning, for competition. I’m happy with Cristian about the last girl in the wing, Virginia Adegni. I like her, she is very direct, the fact of surprise, it was a very nice thing and I appreciated it. I also appreciated Brando’s last winger, Silvia Criscuolo, especially when she argued with Beatriz. There was a lot of stuff in there. Because he set her straight and told her what was right…

Beatriz only mentioned Brando’s name because she was cornered by Cristian, otherwise this election would not have happened. We notice that the preference lies with Brando and I think that Cristian also knew this inside, so he wanted to clarify the matter to understand whether the feeling was right or not. Right now I think Beatriz is one step ahead of everyone for Brando. And I hope Cristian focuses on something else.

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Which concerns the two of them instead Admirer of Manuela Carriero, Michele Longobardi and Carlo Marini, Christian he confessed to having one preference:

I think Michele is a nice character, he’s one of those people who makes you endure and is good for the program, which sometimes gets difficult. So he is exactly the one who dampens certain situations and creates dynamics. He is very suitable as a character in this area. I think she is interested in him but she doesn’t trust him because her past experiences have certainly shaped her. She’s closed off, tense, but her interest is in Michele and she wants certainties, but these things will come slowly. You can see that there is this flame, they find each other in character, there is something there. I cheer them on from the outside. He seems very easygoing and sincere. If I had been there, I would have made friends. Carlo, on the other hand, seems a bit contrived to me, let’s say a bit too schematic. A little too rehearsed in his demeanor and words. Michele is much more distinguished, while appearing almost too calm, planned and therefore contrived. Then time will obviously tell.

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