Morgan’s emotional breakdown: "he did not make it" | A truly bitter end

Morgan collapses Morgan Belligea

What happens to the X Factor judge? Morgan might be in trouble, let’s find out why.

Marco Castoldi in art Morgan He’s back on TV as a great protagonist. And it has returned to where it clearly excelled many years ago. And let’s talk about what’s going on at X Factor Italia been broadcast on Sky for some time when he began his journey as a judge It was broadcast by Rai Due.

There were many the talents he discoveredThe. For example, let’s talk about this Naomi and nothing less than Marco Mengoni. To name just a few. But he apparently doesn’t want to know anything about the winner of the 2023 Sanremo Festival. So much he did not accept his invitation for StraMorgan.

And now his ability to do so seems to have disappeared Co-host of the well-known event next to Amadeus. Let’s say that the rumors were very strong some time ago, but then they were slowly silenced. However, this It’s not the only disappointment that looked into his Life as an artist and as a man.

Fear sets in for Morgan

Morgan might have had one emotional breakdown because of his daughter. But what happened in the last few days? Someone on social media speaks out Anna Lou saying “He did not make it”. In fact, the singer’s daughter’s love affair fell apart, and as happens with everyone, they are now picking up the pieces. Surely Asia and Morgan They will have been close to their creature to face it Separation from his partner.

However, it is the singer who has most fans worried. The latest personal vicissitudes they might have shaken him and this further bad news may have plunged him into sadness. Maybe the parents dI Anna Lou They hadn’t expected such a bitter end, and yet Anything can happen in love.

Morgan collapses Ana Lou and Morgan Belligea

His daughter broke up with his girlfriend and he would suffer for it

The girl who carries out the task Rider as well as DJ and actress, Recently he was a guest at Verissimo with his mother, which he spoke about what relationship he has with his father. They don’t see each other often and that causes her great distress. She loves him and when they see each other and talk on the phone they have a nice chat. Among other things, him I hosted you and your friend at the time of their relationship.

For this reason, some fans on social media suspect that he is having a really hard time accepting the end of the woman’s relationship with his firstborn. It seems even more Anna Lou is still there in love with her ex. The singer who has a sensitive soul could feel his suffering. Dad’s huge heart!

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