On Tuesday, Magliaro Floris freezes: "I like corporatism", "The trains arrive"

Massimo Magliaro

Back and forth in between Massimo Magliaro And Giovanni Floris live on DiMartedì on La7, in the episode of September 26th: “Bersani He’s a very delicious person, I feel like I’m in Brescello, he says very intelligent things, but his allusion to that Corporatism “What I really like,” begins the journalist with a past in the MSI. “And he said that this was corporate law.”

Here is the live fight on DiMartedì between Giovanni Floris and Massimo Magliaro

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At this point Floris interrupts him and asks him: “Why do you like it, excuse me?” Because “it’s an alternative to today’s state, which doesn’t work,” answers Magliaro. “Let’s say, when it existed, it wasn’t a good time,” the moderator intervenes again. “I’m talking about how it works,” the journalist clarifies. But Floris obviously irritatedmakes a joke: “The trains came…”. “No, it’s not just that the trains have arrived,” emphasizes Massimo Magliaro. “In Parliament there was representation of the categories of those who worked, those who produced. While now there are many in Parliament.” Usury, a lot of things that aren’t for boarders, let’s say.”

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Floris can’t resist: “Think about twenty years,” he insinuates. “You can’t just joke with Floris… How long is Meloni’s year? Let’s talk about something else…”, criticizes Massimo Magliaro.