PAW Patrol 2 is the box office leader with an opening of $23 million – Sunday morning update – closing date

PAW Patrol 2 Bites Saw X and The Creator at

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SUNDAY ON: Refresh the page to see charts and more analysis on Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie licks $23 million, a big win for Paramount and Spin Master as the picture is part of a $14 billion global retail deal in which both companies have a nice share. And successful films boost toy sales. When Brian Robbins took over Paramount Pictures Studios, part of the plan was to let family brands work at the box office that also have a large windfall in merchandise, especially in an entertainment conglomerate that includes the strong and evergreen Nickelodeon brand. According to EntTelligence, “Paw Patrol 2” attracted 2.3 million visitors, with nearly half of the picture’s tickets sold at children’s prices.


Lionsgate is calling $18 million At Saw X (1.4 million admissions per Entelligence), which gave the franchise a significant boost after the crash of Spiral, this opening price was up 106% over Spiral’s $8.75 million. The opening film of Saw While the follow-up saw Saw, it’s clear that with its $13 million production cost, there’s still a pulse in the Saw franchise, unlike Expendables 4, which can be put on hold. As a trivia: “Saw III” achieved the highest opening for a Saw film in 2006 with $33.6 million. The average domestic opening for a nine-picture Saw film is $23 million.

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Disney’s number for New Regency/20th Century Studios The creator Is $14 million or just under 1 million entries. That’s a bummer in the US, but the hope lies in bigger ticket sales abroad, with a global opening of $32.3 million. Disney has supported this film, but with the current SAG-AFTRA strike it is very difficult to make an original film like this known to the masses. Understand, this is the kind of movie that would have blown the roof off Comic-Con; However, the cast was unable to travel with Gareth Edwards to a studio-sponsored solo panel on the film (he appeared on Collider’s director’s panel and showed some footage). Furthermore, “The Creator” is the kind of film you would bring to TIFF, just like New Regency did with “The Martian” in 2015. It didn’t make sense for the studio to spend money on this during the strike. Some marketing people will be annoyed by the studio’s campaign for being vague in the early trailers, but the film is certainly convincing. Maybe a different release date closer to summer and with the cast’s performance here would have made a little more money. Guys, it’s like the box office in Covid times: with actors on strike, we’re not in a normal market. Abroad, Creator #1 opened in France, Spain, the United Kingdom (including previews), as well as Belgium (non-local), the Netherlands, Poland (non-local), Bahrain, Georgia, Kazakhstan (non-local), and Oman (non-local). -local), Portugal, Qatar, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (non-local), Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia (non-local), India (non-local) and Malaysia (non-local). Originality means something somewhere, as Creator starts before Saw X in Spain, the UK (including previews) and Australia, as well as Denmark, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Imax ticket sales for The Creator were $3 million domestically and $5.2 million worldwide.


SATURDAY ON: Brand triumphs at the box office and finds himself in the middle of an actors’ strike because the actors can’t advertise. The $30 million-budgeted sequel from Paramount and Spin Master, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movieis the top dog with a $22.5 million opening and an “A” CinemaScore, which is better than the A- of the first picture.

On the other hand, four major studio entries aren’t enough to push the domestic market past $100 million, as all pictures have a combined value of $86 million. While that’s up 34% from last year’s $64 million when Smile declined, it’s down 9% from before the 2019 pandemic. NYC rains, which closed about 20 theaters, may also be to blame , including major AMC venues, Lincoln Square and Empire and 84th Street. By the way, we heard that these theaters in New York are reopening today and that they have mostly closed to ensure the safety of their employees.

There was a keen need of families to go to the cinema and animated pictures in late September have always found a place in the cinemas, e.g. E.g. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”, “Abominable”, etc. Paw Patrol 2 doesn’t survive the NYC floods. because this picture is a big hit in the Midwest, where 15% of all ticket sales come from, as opposed to the norm of 12.7%. Great score keeps this film unleashed during this weekend’s matinees, with an 83% on Screen Engine/Comscore’s PostTrak and 68% recommendations and 91% from children under 12. It was mostly women at 65%, almost half the audience between 13 and 24, and the biggest foursome has a tie between 13 and 17 and 18 and 24 at 24% each. The diversity demonstrations were 34% Caucasian, 32% Hispanic/Latino, 15% Black, and 19% Asian/Other.

SAW X, (also known as SAW 10), Tobin Bell, 2023. Everett Collection

Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures’ Saw X led all films on Friday with $8 million (including $2 million in previews) for what is expected to be a $18.6 million Opening – higher than Jigsaw and definitely higher than the worst franchise Spiral, but below the targeted $20 million mark. A few PLFs provide some variety for Saw X, generating 21% of gross sales. Still, Saw CinemaScore is a B, a grade that most of the horror sequel received. The highest rating goes to 2005’s Saw II, which received a B+.

PostTrak exits are 82% positive, 62% recommend, with 57% of guys participating and 70% of the audience being 18-34, with the largest demo being 18-24 at 39%. Diversity demos were heavily Latino and Hispanic at 44%, Caucasian 30%, Black 13% and Asian/Other 13%. Despite theater closures in New York, AMC Burbank’s Saw is the best-grossing movie theater in the U.S. so far with $22,000.

“The Creator” 20th Century Studios

New Regency/20th Century Studios/Disney’s The creator Posted $5.6 million on opening day with an outlook $14 million. The film receives a B+, which is higher than Ad Astra (B-), higher than Arrival (B), but just below Gravity (A-). PostTrak is 81% positive and 61% recommend it. It’s unfortunate that an original sci-fi film that the franchise starter market needs more of – and here it’s commendable that studios continue to take risks – is underperforming in the domestic market. I hear things are looking better for creators overseas, with a prospect of $17 million to $20 million, which is on par with Arrival in likes-for-likes. This film finished its run overseas with $102.8 million.

71% of the boys came, 51% were between 18 and 34 years old. This PG-13 film is slightly older than the R-rated film Saw Black and 15% Asian/Other. The West is best for creators, accounting for almost a third of GDP, compared to the average of 24%. IMAX and several PLFs account for 53% of ticket sales, with AMC Burbank the top theater in the picture with nearly $42,000 so far.

Pete Davidson and Paul Dano in “Dumb Money” Sony Pictures

A coastal feature film like the one from Black Bear and Sony Stupid money is injured by the underwater market in New York and the actors go on strike $1.3 million yesterday at 2,837 locations and $4 million for the weekend, with a running total in the third week $7.8 million. Black Bear financed this film for $30 million, making the Game Stop meme movie a reality on the big screen. Sony purchased the United States, Latin America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, India and select Asian markets. Again, it hurts a lot when the movie stars of this picture, Seth Rogen, Pete Davidson and Shailene Woodley, don’t have late night talk shows.

Fathom has the faith-based title, Blind people by filmmaker Andrew Hyatt, who made $2.1 million until Thursday and Friday at 1,714 p.m. The weekend outlook is $3.8 million. The film is about Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty and how he fell in love, started a family and how his demons threatened to tear their lives apart. The audience in attendance was 99% enthusiastic on Rotten Tomatoes. Pic was strong in the Bible Belt, which is the South and Central South, where 65% of gross income comes from, up from 34%. The Cinemark Tinseltown 18 in West Monroe, LA is the best in the country yet at more than $11,000.

Saturday numbers:

1.) Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie (Par) 3989 theaters, Fr $6.8M, 3 days $22.5M/week 1

2) Saw

3.) The Creator (New Reg/20th/Dis) 3,680 cinemas, Fr $5.6m, 3 days $14m/week 1

4.) The Nun 2 (NL) 2871 (-665) cinemas, Fr $1.32m (-45%), 3 days $4.6m (-46%) Total $76.6m/ Week 4

5.) Dumb Money (Sony) 2837 (+2218) theaters, Fr $1.3M (+31%), 3 days, $4M (+66%), total $7.8M/week 3

6) The Blind (Fath) 1714 cinemas, Fri $1.26m 3 days $3.8m/week 1

7.) A Haunting in Venice (Dis) 2,785 (-520) Fr $1m (-42%), 3 days $3.7m (-41%)/Total $31.5m/week 3

8.) Equalizer 3 (Sony) 2,184 (-1086) Theaters Fr $750,000 (-45%) 3 Days $2.7M (-43%) Total: $85.9M/Week 5

9.) Expendables 4 (LG) 3518 theaters, Fr $702K (-77%), 3 days $2.4M (-70%), total $13.2M/week 2

10.) Stop Making Sense (A24) 786 (+522) theaters, Fr $369,000, 3 days $1.33M (+55%), total $3.29M/week 2

UPDATE FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Paramount/Spin Master PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie There were no previews today, but based on advance sales and upcoming matinees, the film’s sequel will gross $6.5 million on Friday and open to $22 million in 3,644 theaters.

This is fantastic and underlines the enormous power of the children’s brand after Paramount released the first film in theaters in 2021 and Paramount+ achieved an opening profit of $13.1 million and a result of $40.1 million. Spending almost double the money to open a sequel is commendable here.

Lionsgate’s decision to return its Saw franchise to its original name Saw X proves worthy. For now it looks like the film is working $7.6 million today, including $2 million in previews, and $17.5 million for the weekend in 3,262 theaters. That’s slightly more than Jigsaw, but still below the bullish price of over $20 million. We’ll see if there’s any momentum as the weekend progresses.

In the latest installment from Twisted Pictures, John Kramer (Tobin Bell) is back and it’s the untold chapter of Jigsaw’s final games. Between the events of Saw I and II, a sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in the hopes of finding a miracle cure for his cancer – only to discover that the entire operation is a scam to prey on the most vulnerable to cheat. The infamous serial killer returns to work and, in his signature, instinctive way, turns the tables on the fraudsters through devious, crazy and ingenious traps. The film has the best reviews of all the Saw pictures with an 86% freshness rating.

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At this time, New Regency/20th Century Studios’ The creator falls short $15 to $16 million after a Friday that’s over $6 million, including previews. The Gareth Edwards-directed title is booked in 3,680 cinemas. Oy, in this spectacle with a budget of 80 million dollars.

Sony’s extensive expansion of Stupid money from 616 cinemas to 2,837 is just worth seeing $1 million today and in the surrounding area $3 million for the weekend, well outside the top 5 pictures. In the case of The Creator and Dumb Money, it’s clear that these films are really asking for their casts and late-night talk shows to ignite the spirit of a 360-degree campaign. Films like “PAW Patrol” and “Saw X” don’t rely on their actors to drive foot traffic.

Fourth place belongs to New Line’s fourth weekend The nun 2 with approximately $5 million in 2,871 theaters, down 42%, and 2,871 theaters total $77 million. 20./Disney’s A haunting in Venice is fifth with $4 million-37%, so a running total of $31.8 million on the third weekend.

UPDATE ON FRIDAY: Hopefully three wide releases can wake up a relatively sleepy period at the box office that was wiped out by the SAG-AFTRA strike. New Regency/20th Century Studios/Disney’s original science fiction film “The Creator” by Gareth Edwards, “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” by Paramount and Spin Master and “Saw X” by Lionsgate are likely to be the three best films around grossed $45 million.

All three are vying for the No. 1 spot with earnings of over ten million, but it’s likely a two-way race between PAW Patrol 2 and The Creator, as both pictures have had the loudest marketing campaigns and Lionsgate usually releases the smaller-budgeted films on the cheap Price.

Wait, there are four big releases this weekend: Sony’s Dumb Money is growing, but it’s only expected to be in the single digits.

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“The Creator” and “Saw After the Wednesday night premium screenings and Thursday night shows that began at 6 p.m. The creator earned $1.6 millionwhile Saw X seen $2 million. The horror sequel saw a strong turnout among Latino and Hispanic moviegoers at 41%.

That’s a slow start for The Creator, considering the figure includes Wednesday shows for the $80 million production, which is being financed entirely by New Regency. The sci-fi film offers all the bangers of premium ticket sales in Imax, ScreenX, 4D, etc. at a total of 3,680 theaters.

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The preview value of Saw last domestic.

What remains to be seen is how the two films for older men were presented to fans on Thursday evening. The plus side for PAW Patrol 2 is that it’s the first family animated film since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem in early August, but the sequel has appeal for diapered and preschoolers.

In the Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak outputs, Saw Creator gets more guys rejected than Saw X on Thursday night, 72% to 61%.

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In tracking, Saw The previous film, “Spiral,” reached its franchise opening low of $8.75 million and a domestic cume of $23.2 million. Lionsgate lifted the review embargo toward the end of Saw’s $13 million production, which is playing in 3,262 theaters, the largest ever for a Saw film. With nine films to date, the franchise has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide and is one of the longest-running horror franchises in cinema history.

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Creator previews include last year’s The Woman King ($1.7 million, opening $19.1 million), Gemini Man ($1.6 million, opening $20.6 million). 2019’s Arrival ($1.5 million, opening $24.1 million) and 2019’s Ad Astra ($1.5 million), $19 million opening ). Critics aren’t entirely sold on Creator, which is 68% fresh, alongside the Brad Pitt-led, 83% certified fresh Ad Astra and Amy Adams-Jeremy Renner-led Arrival, which is certified 94% fresh on RT.