“Revolution”: The dancers finally save one of their own

A first candidate was saved from elimination on Sunday evening revolution Thanks to the support of his colleagues.

We’ve known that the rescue button has been in the dancers’ room since the beginning of the season, but there’s never been a consensus to save any of them before. This Sunday, the dancers finally banded together to save 18-year-old Ophélie, who delivered a solid performance.

After attending every casting since the first season, Ophélie finally saw the doors of Revolution open before her. However, his performance did not arouse the enthusiasm of the masters, who noted a cruel lack of technique.

“Revolution”: The dancers finally save one of their own

Ophélie Latulippe during the third show of the fifth season of “Révolution”, broadcast on TVA, in Montreal, Sunday October 1, 2023. Photo provided by Groupe Fair-Play / Thierry du Bois / OSA Images

“Dancing has been part of my life since I was three years old,” the dancer revealed in an interview. When I realized that only Jean-Marc voted for me, I was a little disappointed. »

However, she remained proud of her achievement.

“It was a great experience and I really appreciated the feedback they gave me. It was really positive for me because I have a good technical base, but I didn’t want to show that at first. My goal was to prove that I was able to bring emotion into my movements. »

It was only when she arrived at the dance room that she realized the rescue button had been activated to save her. “I was really speechless! It’s such a great wave of love, the strength of my community. I’m so grateful that they had my back and believed in me. I’m still on cloud nine. »

This rescue button is a mixed blessing because now that she has her community behind her, she has a duty to succeed in the next phase. “It’s a good pressure, I just want to show the masters that they were wrong not to vote for me. »

The candidates saved money this week

Laura and Richard, 26 years old, Toronto

Kidz, 11 to 13 years old, Quebec

Raphaël and Florence, 14 and 15 years old, south coast of Montreal

Fate Maia Dorval, 22 years old, Montreal

Gabrielle Bouchard, 19 years old, Chambly

Switch, 18 to 24 years old, Laval

Ophélie Latulippe, 18 years old, Luskville

The candidate has been put on hold

Veils of Bollywood, 23 to 36 years old, Montreal