Stefano De Martino on “Belve”: “My marriage to Belen? It didn’t end because of betrayal”

Stefano De Martino is a guest on “Belve”: Belen Rodriguez’s ex-husband speaks with Francesca Fagnani in a 360-degree interview that touches on many topics from the presenter’s life. Including his personal life and especially his marital status.

“I am not a saint”

First, about the fate of his marriage: “It didn’t fail because of betrayal.” And when Fagnani continues, reminding him that Belén has repeatedly emphasized her tendency to betray, he admits: “I’m not a saint, but I really believe in exclusivity of feelings.”

“I’m divorced again”

And it is precisely Stefano’s marital status that Francesca Fagnani pushes with the question: “Did you understand whether he is divorced?” the journalist asks – as can be seen in a clip posted on Instagram. “In my opinion, it’s getting divorced again …,” comments Stefano, who adds to the journalist’s reflection that he would not get a divorce: “And he will have to get a divorce,” he says. But the interview continues, still on topic. “You file for divorce, then you get back together and it’s over,” the host continues; “Yes, it’s falling into disrepair and you have to redo everything, it’s also expensive…”. At the end, Fagnani’s blunt question: “What is your marital status?”; “I don’t know at the moment,” replies Stefano. An evening that promises innovation and spark.