Stefano De Martino, the birthday cake causes discussions on social media (and on Rai)

A few days ago, on October 3rd to be precise, Stefano De Martino he turned 34. After a rather challenging period in which he was constantly in the spotlight due to his breakup Belen Rodríguezthe conductor he treated himself to an evening full of leisure and entertainment in the company of your closest people to celebrate your birthday. Everything was told through social media, but one detail did not escape his followers: at the moment of the cake, De Martino and his friends let us go and celebrations humorous, which provoked some criticism. Let’s see what happened.

Stefano De Martino, the playful cheers and the criticism

On the occasion of his 34th birthday, Stefano De Martino celebrated with his friends and the people closest to him in a familiar setting locally in Milan. At the end of the dinner, at which, according to insiders, his alleged new flame was also present Martina Trivelli, the host received a wonderful cake. What he didn’t know, however, is that his guests decided to make him one Surprise, and bringing a cake to the table with a blank name tag; At the time of cutting, a pastry chef came to write a very special dedication. “Long live the f**a,” was the dessert. An obviously fun way to celebrate that was rousing big laugh in De Martino and all his guests, among whom he also appeared Biagio Izzo (among the creators of this very clever surprise). Although the letter was appreciated by those present, has caused some controversy especially from people on the internet who judged:awkward“,”out of place” And “very tasteless“.

There were therefore numerous points of criticism, also and especially in relation to Public figure by Stefano De Martino. Many have pointed out, particularly on social media, that the cozy and not particularly tasteful celebrations paint a completely different picture than the personality of De Martino that we all know from television. According to critics, the birthday party and especially the writing on the cake could actually contribute to this Let the top people turn up their noses Raiwho decided to focus on De Martino as the symbolic face of Rai 2, thanks largely to his image as “calming host from Rai“. Currently, neither the moderator nor the company have commented directly on the matter.