The show with 250 participants from Villaggio Fantozzi SulPanaro is a great little masterpiece

SAN FELICE SUL PANARO – The show with 250 participants from Villaggio Fantozzi is a great little masterpiece. This is the unanimous opinion of the national and local journalists who, together with the photographers and the public, were present at the event in the Villaggio Fantozzi, in the shadow of the Rocca Estense.

The show on Sunday afternoon was the presentation of the participants, who then animated the sets built in the streets of the city.

Under the majestic scenography of Iitalpetrolcemetermotessilfarmometalchi, the Fantozzi mega-company founded by Roberto Gavioli, paraded the many volunteers who interpreted the characters and scenes performed by the director Paolo Galassi and the artistic director Roberto Gatti.

The show began with the famous telephone call with which Pina Fantozzi in Megaditta searches for her husband, who has been missing for 18 days, and then continued with the parade of the main characters from the films. We then continued with the re-enactment of some iconic scenes: the doctor and the ambulance, the hunt, the Cobram Cup, Maestro Canello’s New Year’s Eve band, football and the well-known “Beat her?” Tennis, the circus, the INPS trip to Venice, the nightclub girls and the ladies of the upper bourgeois aristocracy (there are some big names too).
After Fantozzi’s funeral against everyone, it ended with a magnificent reconstruction of paradise and the final parade of characters: Fantozzi and Pina, Filini, Mariangela, Calboni and Miss Silvani, the galactic mega-director Count Duke Balabam, the parcel office manager Loris Batacchi, etc. etc.

An exciting and amazing flow full of quotes, references and homages to the best part of the history of Italian cinema, from Fellini onwards.

A work that thrilled the experts and convinced the audience, which gathered in large numbers on the lawn of the fortress.

The highlights of the show in the video

The pictures of the parade


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The Cobram Cup, the remake

The bachelor married couple match

They hit? The reconstruction of the famous tennis match in the fog

How did the idea of ​​Villaggio Fantozzi come about?

The official presentation of Villaggio Fantozzi at the headquarters of the Bank Popolare San Felice

The promotional trailer for the photo event

Based on an idea by Federico Mazzoli, with the participation and contribution of Sanfelice 1893 Banca Popolare and the patronage of the Municipality of San Felice sul Panaro, in collaboration with Pro Loco San Felice sul Panaro aps.

Artistic direction: Roberto Gatti; Set designer: Roberto Gavioli; Video show directed by director Paolo Galassi, filmed by Elisa Gatti and Simone Frabetti and produced by Firmament Pictures; Characters and staff: Sepulchrum team.