USA riots Apple devices looted

Apple devices looted during the USA riots are getting tracked.

The tech giant Apple is following the tit for tat rule with opportunistic usa riots and the looters. It is being reported that all the phones and laptops, which were looted during the riots in the USA from the Apple stores are getting tracked. Not only they are getting tracked they are also disabling these expensive gadgets using their high-end technology.

Usa riots

Moreover, Apple is sending these devices warning messages about them being tracked asking them to give it back to its store on Philadelphia. They are also threatening Police complaints and actions. People are taking screenshots and uploading these messages on social media like Twitter and Reddit.

In USA riots, Everyone must consider and note that all these stores were closed for months due to the lockdown of Covid-19. And hence, they are facing big financial losses. When journalists tried to contact Apple for a statement they refused to say anything on security-related issues.

However, CEO Tim Cook has sent personal messages to his employees. They were about the justification of the protest provoked by the killing of George Floyd. He didn’t forget to mention about the principles and ethics of Apple which beliefs in inclusivity and welcome people of every race, religion, creed, and caste to with open heart.

Furthermore on USA riots, Michael Steeber in a tweet has shown about the shutting down of the store’s timings and supporting Apple’s decision. Here you must also know that these devices which are being tracked are from displays of retailers and have special software installed in them from tracking.

Apple doesn’t install this software on the gadgets they are selling to customers. And hence, there’s no need to worry about your privacy if you are using an Apple gadget.

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