Who were Ana María Orozco’s husbands? He shared with one in “Ugly Betty”

The Prime Video platform announced a few months ago that the new season of would be included in its series list ‘Ugly Betty’in which the lives of the main characters resume 20 years later.

As the long-awaited premiere for Colombians approaches, we show you who the couples are Ana Maria Orozco who breathes life into the protagonist of this story.

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First of all, it must be said that Ana María Orozco is the daughter of the late actor Luis Fernando Orozco and the sister of the actress Verónica Orozco, which makes her an almost innate actress.

Before her role in “Betty, la fea,” Orozco worked on novels such as “La filla Zaina” and “Perro amor.”

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Julián Arango and Ana María Orozco

While participating in this latest novel, the relationship between Julián Arango and Ana María Orozco became official. Their marriage didn’t last long because when they started recording “Ugly Betty,” their love began to fall apart.

Although none of them have spoken officially about this breakup, many say that it was because of the adjectives that Hugo Lombardi’s character used with Betty Pinzón.

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Couples by Ana María Orozco

Couples by Ana María Orozco

“We all felt it, but no one intervened. “We all suffered with Ana María and Julián, but none of the cast dared to raise a finger to point out the guilt of either of them,” said Dora Cadavid, the actress who gave birth to Inesita, in one Interview with TV Azteca.

However, in another interview, Julián Arango said that this was not the case: “No, I wanted to work, I had a figure and I did it. He didn’t have to interfere in my life, a character is a character and I am me, it had nothing to do with “Hugo” having to say something to “Betty”. “These are two different things,” Julián Arango said at the time.

Pedro Franco and Ana Maria Orozco

Julián Arango and Ana María’s love did not last long, although it is not known why they ended the relationship; According to rumors, the protagonist of the hit novel was unfaithful with one of the photographers.

Although it was not officially confirmed by the actress, she started a relationship with Pedro Franco. This romance lasted three years until Orozco had to travel to the United States.

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Couples by Ana María Orozco

Couples by Ana María Orozco

Martín Quaglia and Ana María Orozco

After a trip to the United States, Orozco began a romantic relationship with Martín Quaglia, whom she married for the second time. The couple lived together for seven years, but in 2012 they decided to separate. Their two daughters Lucrecia and Mia were born from this relationship.

Couples by Ana María Orozco

Couples by Ana María Orozco

Maxi Ghione and Ana Maria Orozco

The relationship began in 2013, the day Ghione separated from his wife and Orozco separated from her husband. The couple had an open relationship until 2015, and they showed all their love via social networks.

But in 2015, the actor made the separation official via social networks: “It’s official: Ana María Orozco and I are no longer in a relationship. It was very nice. And that’s life. A hug.”

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Couples by Ana María Orozco

Couples by Ana María Orozco

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