10 Rick & Morty Story Ideas That Would Fit Perfectly Into Dan Harmon’s Movie – Screen Rant


  • A potential Rick & Morty film could explore the vast capabilities of the portal gun, sending it spiraling across the multiverse without control.

  • The Cronenbergs’ return for revenge could be an exciting extension of an early storyline and add an exciting dynamic to the film.

  • The film could finally reveal the truth about Space Beth, Rick’s clone of his daughter, and explore the complicated dynamics within the Smith family.

The broad mythology of Rick & Morty And lots of overarching storylines mean there are plenty of exciting story ideas if a feature film ever comes to fruition. The show’s co-creator Dan Harmon recently revealed that he had been talking to executives about a Rick & Morty movie before the writers’ strike. With its many unfinished storylines, unsolved mysteries and vengeful supporting characters, as well as its vast multiverse, there is no shortage of storylines that a Rick & Morty movie could handle.

Rick & Morty follows a cynical mad scientist and his anxious grandson on their many crazy adventures across the universe. Since its premiere, the series has received critical acclaim for its bold and clever writing and unique storylines, earning the series multiple Emmy Awards. Despite all the questions that Rick & Morty season 7 has to answer, the series will still have more to offer. A full-length film from co-creator Dan Harmon would be a great addition to the series, and these 10 Rick & Morty story ideas could address many questions the series left unanswered and would be perfect storylines for a film.

10 Rick & Morty’s portal gun could send them across the multiverse

Of Rick’s many inventions, the most prominent in “Rick & Morty” is the portal gun, which was massively improved in Season 6. The series has already explored this invention, and the duo uses it to teleport to new universes that serve as settings for their adventures. The portal gun has always opened up strange new worlds for writers to explore and create. If Rick’s portal weapon somehow breaks beyond repair, a film could show him and his grandson being thrown uncontrollably through the many multiverses.

9 A film could show the Cronenbergs’ return for revenge

Rick and Morty Cronenberg Monster Rick

In one of the series’ earliest episodes, Rick and Morty must find a new dimension to live in after accidentally turning their entire planet into creatures known as Cronenbergs (a reference to legendary body horror director David Cronenberg). Although they have now crossed this dimension and audiences have gotten a glimpse of these creatures, their storyline is largely missing from the series. The Cronenbergs could find their way into the titular couple’s universe or somehow bring the two back to their universe to seek revenge for the fate that befell them. They would have plenty of motivation to do this and it would be an exciting extension of this early storyline.

8 The Truth About Space Beth May Finally Be Explored

Beth and Space Beth in the Rick and Morty Thanksgiving Season 6 special

Since Rick cloned his daughter Beth and then erased his own memory, it is unclear which of the series’ Beths is the clone. Since being cloned, one of them, Space Beth, has gone on intergalactic adventures and even become a wanted criminal. She returned at several points throughout the series, and her interactions with the Smiths led to some of the series’ best storylines. Rick’s messy relationship with his daughter and uncertainty over which of the two she is, as well as Space Beth’s dynamic with the other Beth and her family, could make for an interesting storyline for a movie. Rick’s complicated feelings towards his daughter and the revelation of her true identity could be an important moment in Rick’s character arc and that of the Smiths.

7 A film could feature the return of Snowball and his company of intelligent dogs

Sniffs around Rick and Morty with a mind reader

In the first season of Rick and Morty, the Smiths were the owners of a dog named Snuffles until one of Rick’s inventions caused the dog to become too powerful and take over their house. By the end of the episode, Snuffles had agreed to leave the family alone, citing Morty’s kindness towards him over the years as the reason. Snuffles changed his name to Snowball and took an entire army of intelligent dogs to another dimension to create a society where dogs rule. Although he was briefly seen in flashbacks, the character has not fully returned to the series since. A potential film would be a great opportunity to see how Snowball’s dog-run society has evolved since then. Perhaps society could join the central duo to fight a common enemy or wage their own battle against the humans.

6 Rick & Morty’s Movie Could Crossover With Other Dan Harmon Shows


In the years leading up to and since Rick & Morty premiered a decade ago, Dan Harmon has created and co-created several shows, including three other animated series. Since Rick & Morty has already dabbled in interdimensional travel and assumes that every possibility exists somewhere in the multiverse, it would be logical for its other series to exist somewhere in those dimensions. Rick Sanchez and the Smith family meeting the characters from Harmon’s other series, particularly HarmonQuest and Harmon’s Krapopolis, which share many similarities with Rick & Morty, could make for an interesting dynamic and enrich the story of all series involved.

5 Morty’s son could return in a feature film

Morty Jr. and interviewer in Rick and Morty

After fathering a child with a Gazorp sex robot in Season 1, Morty became the father of a half-human, half-alien named Morty Jr. Although his whereabouts are unknown, Morty Jr. could easily return in a film. Since Morty Jr. ages faster than his father and other people, a possible storyline could result in Morty Jr. being forced to leave his children or even grandchildren in Morty’s care. A similar plot could involve the half-Gazorpian trying to reconnect with his father after the messy end of their relationship. Seeing Morty trying to take on the role of a father figure could be a counterpoint to Rick’s behavior as a father. It could be an interesting exploration of the family values ​​that the series has already focused on.

4 A Rick & Morty Movie Could Finally Deal With Rick Prime

Rick Prime and Evil Morty

Since Morty agreed to help Rick find his main enemy, Rick Prime, in the season six finale, it would make sense for a movie to finally show the two’s showdown. Many questions remain unanswered regarding Rick Prime’s possible involvement in the deaths of Rick’s wife and original daughter. A film would be a great opportunity to explore these unanswered questions and put Rick in an epic battle with his nemesis. It could explore Rick Prime’s motivations and see Rick finally receive justice, or see him plunged deeper into despair. Either way, it would be a huge step forward in Rick’s arc.

3 A movie could see the return of the evil Morty

Rick & Morty: Evil Morty and the Central Finite Curve.

In addition to Rick Prime, Rick & Morty has another villain story to finish. After destroying the Citadel and the Central Finite Curve to finally free himself from Rick, Evil Morty disappeared from the series. There would be a lot to delve into if the character returned, such as his relationship with the main duo or possible ulterior motives to his previous actions. There’s also an important question that could be answered: why is his portal gun fluid gold unlike the others in the series? The film could further explore Evil Morty’s mysterious origins and potentially help him set in motion another catastrophic series of events. In a movie, he could even implicate Morty for his evil deeds.

2 In a Rick & Morty movie, the duo could be trapped in an interdimensional cable

Rick and Morty Season 6 Interdimensional Cable Tease

An extension of the ongoing interdimensional cable gag, a television that Rick has placed in the Smith household that can access every channel in every dimension, would be a great way to turn the series into a film. The film could find the couple trapped in the TV shows. Not only would it serve as an obvious continuation of the series and its running gags, but the endless array of interdimensional television shows also provide characters with an endless array of new worlds to explore.

1 A Rick & Morty movie could include the introduction of other Ricks & Mortys

Rick and Morty Season 6 Ricks Citadel

With endless variations of Ricks and Mortys, there are endless possible versions of the characters a film could introduce. Beyond Evil Morty and Rick Prime, a film could introduce other evil versions of the characters that the series could then continue with. Conversely, new versions of the characters could also include allies for the main duo to team up with. Since there are no limits to these new characters, introducing new Ricks and Mortys would be a great way to expand Rick and Morty into a film.