21 Stories From People Who Were Married Less Than A Year

12. “We dated for two years and had similar ideas about our future (getting a house, having kids and pursuing a career) before quickly entering into a legal marriage in November. After we got married legally, we started doing it.” I planned the religious ceremony to please our extended Indian families, which was scheduled to take place seven months after our wedding date in June. As we approached the day of the celebration, his true colors began to show, and I recognized the signs a little too late. I had married a narcissist. When I realized his personality was no longer the same, our lives fell into mass chaos.”

“He kept trying to get me pregnant in January, which I found strange as he knew we had to wait until after our religious ceremony, so I did some research because I had to follow my gut feeling that something was wrong and found out.” He talked inappropriately to other women and spent our savings on OnlyFans. When I confronted him, he collapsed to the floor crying and begging me to forgive him. However, when I said that I couldn’t forgive him if he didn’t get professional help, he responded by standing up and grinning while telling me that he never wanted to have children, then moved on. In March I immediately canceled everything we had planned and dropped off his stuff at his parents’ house and he avoided me until I chased him down on his birthday in April to get him to sign our divorce papers to sign what he thought I wouldn’t do as it is shunned in our culture. To this day, I get goosebumps when I think about how I was tricked into almost starting a divorce with someone who was simply playing a cultural role with a modern twist.