Vecchioni: “A civilization must educate the young, but it should also re educate the old.” I had great teachers, not the Internet” School Technique

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The new program began yesterday, September 23rd Journalist Massimo Gramellini, entitled “In Other Words”, broadcast on La7. He will be a regular guest along with him Singer-songwriter and former professor Roberto Vecchioni. As usual, the latter made some statements about young people and schools.

First Old people talk about the education of the very young, said: “Nelson Mandela said that a civilization can only exist if it can educate its young. I say he should also re-educate his elders.”

Vecchioni’s teaching

“I had great teachers, not the internet, and I owe them a lot. They taught me that if you even ask what the world is, you have to stay in the world. If even one person asks you to listen to a song, you have to sing it to them. This is fundamental. “The most important thing you can give a man is to understand that the world only makes sense when you get emotional,” he added.

Vecchioni and his old class

The Singer and former teacher Roberto Vecchioni, During the last episode of Le Parole, a Rai1 program hosted by Massimo Gramellini, broadcast last Saturday, May 27, he experienced a very emotional moment: The last class he taught before retiring was in 1999and welcomed the public.

“I remember you as if it were today, I have a time in me that remains firmly within me. The school years were the meaning of life. “That’s what school does, talking to us, trying to understand the little secrets, mysteries and emotions, that’s the meaning of life,” he said Vecchioni after seeing his former students.

Anecdotes from former students

The latter told it as well as the questions from Prof. Vecchioni: “They were almost always planned and took place in groups. The teacher greatly rewarded the commitment; Maybe the test went poorly, but it still rewarded you. If instead he understood that you studied at the last minute and in a hurry…”

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