After a DNA test, Junno Andrade assumes paternity of the 38yearold son

Junno Andrade assumes paternity of 38yearold son after DNA test.

Junno Andrade assumes paternity of 38yearold son after DNA test.

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The actor and presenter Junno Andrade This Friday the 29th, he acknowledged the paternity of 38yearold Eduardo Tadeu Mattos de Oliveira. The actor was previously sued for R$100,000 for “illegal conduct” after refusing to take a DNA test. With confirmation of genetic compatibility, Xuxa’s friend said he intends to bond with his son.

In a statement published by Quem magazine, Junno’s team says that “the entanglements related to doubts about paternity have come to an end.”

“On September 28, 2023, the DNA technical examination report certified the presence of genetic compatibility and therefore the paternity of Junno Andrade in relation to Mr. Eduardo Tadeu Mattos de Oliveira. In the legal field there are doubts about paternity “The deadline was extended because the son had difficulties in attending laboratory tests previously scheduled by the courts of Mato Grosso,” he explained in a note.

Juno points out that parenthood has been “in a state of uncertainty” for more than 30 years, emphasizes that he “will intervene to restore or adequately fulfill his position as father,” and regrets “childhood and adolescence “his son” to have lost.

“By overcoming the doubts that arose due to the measure proposed in 2020 the year in which Mr. Eduardo reached the age of 36 Junno recognizes and assumes his responsibilities as a father and will work to fulfill his To restore or adequately fulfill his position as father.” Therefore, this note aims to clarify the facts of the case while regretting the fact that Junno was deprived of his son’s childhood and youth,” he shared.

Recognition process

Eduardo Tadeu, Junno’s son and sales promoter, had been trying to gain recognition for almost two years. In 2021, he filed a paternity claim and requested that the actor’s name be included on his birth certificate after taking a DNA test.

Compensation for moral damage of R$100,000 was also requested. At that time, Eduardo’s lawyer sent a message to columnist Fábia Oliveira saying that Junno’s “illegal behavior (that he does not produce the DNA of his own free will) goes further when it promotes paternal discrimination among blood relatives and children close to each other has.” recognition and rights arising from the exercise of paternity while Eduardo was removed from this relationship.

In the year the lawsuit was filed, Eduardo shared details about Junno’s relationship with his mother. According to him, the two ended up living together. “He and my mother Isabel were together for a while, they even lived together, but they quarreled and Junno went to São Paulo. We met when I turned 12. Since then he knew about my existence,” he informed.

Junno even commented that he had actually had a romance with Isabel, but it was shortlived. “I didn’t end up going out with Isabel. We stayed. Then I met him. He spent about three days at our house, but he was acting strange and I immediately sent him back to his mother’s house. He doesn’t look like.” I’m definitely willing to do the DNA test and sort out the issue. If it turns out that he is my son, of course I will admit it,” the actor said in 2021.

Source: Redação Terra