Al Bano is worried his daughter Jasmine is leaving Italy: drastic turning point

Al Bano is worried his daughter Jasmine is leaving Italy

The daughter of Al Bano And Loredana Lecciso is ready to say goodbye to Italy. According to data from Alberto Dandolo In the pages of the latest issue of the weekly magazine Oggi, she would indeed be determined to face one new professional experience In Georgia. “Perhaps – emphasized the well-known journalist – not everyone knows that the girl’s communication skills have not gone unnoticed both in Italy and abroad.”

Jasmine Carrisi He has shown in recent years that he is completely comfortable in front of the camera, especially when he accompanied his father on The Voice Senior experience. In addition to his role as a coach, he has also demonstrated his strong artistic skills over the years by releasing the single “Ego”, proving that he has inherited “his father’s legacy”.Love for music“.

“Today we can confirm that the daughter of the Salento singer and Loredana Lecciso is one step away from signing the contract to join the cast of the next edition of dancing with the stars, Georgian version“Dandolo revealed. Jasmine’s new professional adventure would have made her parents very proud. Even if the thought of seeing them far from home gave them a certain amount of fear Fear: “The parents are excited and proud, but understandably nervous, about their daughter’s move to Georgia.”

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According to our findings, if the singer were to accept the proposal, she would actually have to live in the capital for about two months Tbilisi, a country where fathers are actually very loved. But Al Bano and Loredano know full well that it’s not right to clip their daughter’s wings. And in any case, two months is not that long of a period. Jasmine was able to return from Georgian poverty even more aware of her own possibilities. And why not, finally ready for stages of certain importance in our country.

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