Roy Wood Jr. is leaving “The Daily Show” – CNN


Roy Wood Jr., who some believed would succeed Trevor Noah as host of “The Daily Show,” has announced he is leaving the talk show.

“The Daily Show” correspondent first broke the news in an interview with NPR television critic Eric Deggans.

“After eight fantastic years at The Daily Show, during which I was able to pursue my comedic and political interests with some of the best writers, producers, crew and correspondents imaginable, I have made the decision to move on. Wood told CNN in a statement. “I am grateful to Trevor Noah, Paramount and especially Comedy Central for giving me the runway to also produce three one-hour stand-up specials, for allowing me to host two award-winning podcasts, for allowing me to do so , writing and directing my own comedy pilot, writing a movie and much, much more.”

“I look forward to finding more ways to work with them in the future,” he added. “Until then, I’m excited to develop new ideas and see what the future holds for me in the shifting sands of late-night television, scripted comedy and whatever else the comedy gods have in store for me in 2024 and beyond , has ready.”

Noah left his job as host after seven years in December 2022. Since his departure, a parade of guest presenters has emerged.

Wood spoke to CNN shortly after Noah announced his departure. He expressed his admiration for Noah and joked that he and the other correspondents would likely be the last to know if a replacement host was announced.

“I think at the end of the day, ‘The Daily Show’ had three hosts and it was good and there will be a fourth host,” Wood told CNN at the time. “It’ll be fine, whoever the fuck sits in the chair then.”

Wood served as an entertainer at the 2023 White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year.