Blanca 2, the second season starts on Rai 1: plot, cast and previews of the first episode

Blanca 2, the second season starts on Rai 1: plot, cast and preview of the first episode

The investigations of the small screen’s most popular consultant and her irresistible dog return to Rai 1. The second season of “Blanca” starts tonight: Let’s find out everything about the first episode.

Thursday, October 5thin prime time on Rai 1the highly anticipated one will be broadcast Second season From Blanca. The successful fiction with Maria Chiara Giannetta, inspired by the novels of Patricia Rinaldicomes back with brand new ones Investigations and just as many Twists. In the first episodeIn “Under Attack,” the protagonist must face some sentimental complications while also dealing with a dangerous terrorist. While we wait to watch the episode, let’s read Plot And Previews the passionate Series.

Blanca 2 is a co-production by Lux Vide And Rai fiction. There Second season There are six episodes and I direct Jan Maria Michelini (for the first three episodes) e Michele Soavi (Episodes 4 to 6). There first seasonwhich takes place in Genoa, took us into the world of the sensitive Blanca Ferrando (Maria Chiara Giannetta). The woman, even though she did it I lost my eyesighthe realized his dream of becoming a consultant police for decoding Audio files. Viewers are now looking forward to the new adventures of the stubborn young woman and her dog Linnaeus. In this new cycle of episodes We learn more about the history of Ferrando Hey Secrets his past, but not only. Blanca it is now in effect Advisor the Genoese police and the challenges Things are becoming increasingly risky in the workplace.

In addition to the protagonist Lucia, her father Leone and her radiant friend Stella also return. The valuable colleagues of the Police station Saint Theodore, Bacigalupo and theInspector Liguori. The latter will end up being jealous Blanca with an ex-love from the past. AND Sebastian? Of course he’s there too, but what happens to his feelings for Ferrando? In the pour From Blanca 2apart from it being good Giannettawe will meet again Giuseppe Zeno, Pierpaolo Spollon, Federica Cacciola, Enzo Paci, Gualtiero Burzi, Antonio Zavatteri, Ugo Dighero And Sara Ciocca. We highlight new additions Stefano Dionisi (Polibomber) and Michela Cescon (Elena).

Blanca 2, first episode preview, Under Attack

Blanca He is now officially an advisor to police and the burden of Work has definitely increased. Finding the balance is not easy, but the young woman does everything she can to not allow herself to be overwhelmed. Sebastian He is in prison awaiting trial hero decides to give him a second chance anyway Liguori try to dissuade her. The situation gets worse when the San Teodoro Police Station is attacked by a dangerous person attackerNickname Polybomber. The criminal is responsible for the explosions that brought the city to its knees Genoa. Will the protagonist manage to save it? police the Ligurian capital?