Italian stories, D’Eusanio admits: miraculously alive. What happened to her

Alda D’Eusanio, the television lady par excellence, speaks out again: for years she hosted the afternoon show Rai. Now she tells Storie Italiane that she is miraculously alive. “It’s a miracle that I’m still here, also because I had a fracture of the occipital bone, the hardest part of the skull, and five brain hemorrhages, then a coma,” he says in an interview with Eleonora Daniele. “You are a true example of a miracle, as the neurologist says and as the doctors say. What strikes you is fate: you leave the house and never come back.” “There are families who went by bus, the Croatian couple on their honeymoon, the mother and her children: they all went to Venice and never came back. Suddenly death appears in your life and that is what you never forget,” adds the journalist. “Death becomes something present when you save yourself. When you save yourself, you ask yourself as First, why you are not dead. What is there that you haven’t done yet and what you need to do? But the thing that remains in you is that you have changed, because if the brain, which is an unknown planet, is hit, it’s never what it used to be. I have no memory, when I read I put in a lot of effort, my goodness The mind is always tired. Everything changes, the pain, the meaning of life, the Meaning of time.”

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Years ago, D’Eusanio suffered a terrible traffic accident: an accident and then a coma. Daniele asks her if she has met the scooter driver before. “I never wanted to see him, I have to say that I’m not very Catholic, no forgiveness. You can’t forgive. He is a person who destroyed, changed and made my life worse because he was in a hurry. If you die for something really important, that makes sense, but you can’t die because someone is in a hurry
go who knows where. “It is something absurd, not human, it cannot be forgiven,” he concludes.