Anastasia Kuzmina: “Harassed at the post office: Wolves aren’t just encountered at night”

A nuisance in broad daylight, at the post office. Dancing with the Stars dancer Anastasia Kuzmina, still distraught, shared what happened to her a few days ago (and what she has already reported to the relevant authorities) in a few Instagram Stories. “I tried to make this video for half an hour, so I’ll keep it short. “I was at the post office at half past twelve on Monday and sent a package,” she explained, visibly upset. “They called me to a counter and the counter operator was busy doing something.”

Then the stalker comes towards her. «As I’m filling out the paperwork, he asks me, “But do you know how to edit videos when you’re younger?” How do you do it? Can you help me?” I tell him: “Okay, sure.” And he says to me: “Are you scandalized?” And I don’t ask myself why, maybe he wanted to cut the videos, I just wanted to get there as quickly as possible out, He hands me the phone and his member was there».

Anastasia Kuzmina continues: “Okay, I’ll make it as short as possible. On Monday itself I didn’t do anything special, I felt too sick and ran home. I came back on Tuesday and reported it everything that happened to the director. I’m ashamed for not reacting immediately and running away, I often run away from situations like this. I’m ashamed that I didn’t do something immediately.

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It’s not the first time the dancer has been harassed. «Six months ago, for example I was followed in broad daylight by a man who attacked me. Even if I didn’t report it right away, I ran away. So to speak You don’t meet wolves until two in the morning when you’re unclothed“Wolves,” he concludes, “are found 24/7, and what many don’t understand is that a woman is always afraid.”