and Passion: Petra discovers that Irene is going against her relationship with Hélio and is confused about the…


Caio’s sister will come to terms with his mother after trying to separate her from the engineer

Photos: Reproduction/Rede GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Rede Globo

In the next chapters of Terra e Paixão, Petra (Débora Ozório) falls into a trap set by her own mother. After she and Luigi (Rainer Cadete) explained to Irene (Glória Pires) that they wanted to separate to be with their respective loves Hélio (Rafael Vitti) and Anely (Tatá Werneck), the vixen threatened to kill her own daughter to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. However, the villain won’t stand idly by and will soon plan a way to make his daughter forget the engineer.

Petra will catch a woman in Hélio’s bed and be completely devastated. After being caught, La Selva’s heiress spirals out of control and even destroys the boy’s car with an iron rod. “Why isn’t anything working for me?” she’ll scream. But Petra soon has to realize that it was all just a big intrigue on Irene’s part to separate her from her true love.

According to the portal Aqui tem Fofoca, Caio’s sister (Cauã Reymond) is completely shocked by her mother’s cruelty and will come to the conclusion that she will not be able to get well and get rid of the drugs while in the same house how her family lives. After her crisis, she will begin therapy and open her heart to psychiatrist Marta (Kika Kalache). “Any woman who walked into a room and saw her boyfriend in bed with someone else would go crazy, don’t you think?” says the doctor.

“I know that I have exceeded all limits. But I later found out that this scene was planned by my mother. She prepared a trap for Hélio, the guy I like. That I’m losing trust in him!” the girl will say. Marta will wonder whether the patient is sure of the allegations. “Absolutely. My brother and Luigi have told me everything. I trust them and I know that my mother is capable of this and much more. As long as I am in this house and live with this father and mother, I will not heal from this “I won’t!” concludes Petra.