Barbara d’Urso, tip from Mediaset: "It is redirected to another network"

Francesca Cipriani the silence continues to break Barbara d’Urso. The showgirl was often a guest at the “old” Pomeriggio 5 and made no secret of the fact that d’Urso was going through a difficult time. When asked if she had heard anything from her during this time, Cipriani admitted: “No, because I believe that this is a special moment for her and therefore we will speak to her later.” Addressed by the weekly Vero, She also explained that the former Mediaset face would not be away from television for long.

On the other hand. “But I think it’s just a moment of pause for her, I’m sure of that. The curtain will not fall on her.” Various hypotheses: “Maybe it is redirected to another network for a while’. There could be a moment of pause, this also applies to the greats of television, who manage the schedules like them.” Finally, Cipriani, as a former contestant of Big Brother VIP, was asked about the new line of the reality show. A line that no longer contains the trashy.

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“What we see is also a role model for young people, who are big fans of reality TV and it’s important that it’s true.” The showgirl says she is convinced that the tenants of the house most spied on by Italians must set a good example for viewers at home.

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