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At the beginning of the 2000s, the national cinema did not accept “the pretty people on TV” and Barbara Mori He was far from him because he was the star of the soap operas “Mirada de mujer” and “Rubí”.

But one day, because she didn’t want to perpetuate the image of being beautiful and sexy, she stopped taking on projects and focused on the big screen, which she says wasn’t easy for her.

More than 20 years later, the actress is starring in the latest film Amat Escalante“Lost in the Night,” which screened in competition at Cannes, is touring the world’s film festivals and landing at the Morelia International Film Festival, which begins October 20, from where it will premiere in theaters.

“The transition to cinema was difficult because there was a lot of stigmatization of ‘pretty’ people on TV, so you built yourself up and made decisions that seemed bad,” says Mori.

To achieve this, he used his sense of thrift to go without work for long periods of time and he used his intuition, which he always thanks for everything he has achieved. Especially because he actually only studied acting for five months and learned everything else on the side.

“When I was doing well (on TV), I didn’t waste the money, I saved it, and that helped me make better decisions. I come from absolute poverty, grew up without the opportunity to do anything in my childhood and youth; When I left home at 17, I had to earn a living. It was difficult for me to progress as a waitress and I always kept that in the back of my mind.”

And he talks about the time when, in his early days as a filmmaker, he refused to take part in a project with Diego Luna because he followed his intuition.

“One day a renowned director spoke to me about a film that was going to be nominated for an Oscar, starring Diego Luna. I could not believe it. Then he sent me the script, I read it and there was a lot of sex and the truth is that my heart guided me in making decisions and he told me not to do it,” recalls Mori.

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BÁRBARA MORI With vision and without a script, she creates the cinema she dreamed of

“When I spoke to the director again, I told him that I wasn’t ready to take off my clothes because it wasn’t necessary and that I would accept it if he changed it. He replied that an actress should be ready for anything. I hung up and started crying. I told my boss that my modesty meant I was missing out on a great job opportunity. When the movie came out, I went to the premiere and people were leaving the room. “It was terrible and of course it didn’t go to the Oscars,” he comments.

In Lost in the Night, the new film from Amat (Heli and The Wild Region), Bárbara plays the matriarch of a wealthy but abusive family because she considers others inferior, while she loves a young man (Juan Daniel García Treviño, not me ) am (more here) is looking for her missing activist mother.

They gave him a coach who told him from the beginning to forget the script and just improvise with his fellow actor Fernando Bonilla to understand the present of his character.

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“They told me to forget everything I knew and for me it was strange. I’m a super perfectionist, I even have this obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to do things in the best way. When I go into an acting process, I search a lot, I spend up to two months locked up and looking for the lines,” she reveals.

Bárbara Mori plays the matriarch of a wealthy family.

“When they take you out of there and say, ‘Let’s explore,’ that’s very scary and even more so for a person with OCD, but it also happened at a time in my life where I’m aware that everything, what served me before may no longer work “I will stand in the way of this new part of me,” he insists.

The Uruguayan actress admits that throughout her 26-year career she has used her intuition to interpret: “I am an actress who has no training but has an intuition that has helped me a lot, but I feel “If I had studied, I would do it.” I have more tools to play with and am able to achieve other things. Since I don’t have it, I may have a limitation that I’m not aware of.”

We will soon see Mori in the series The Blues, which is in post-production and will air on Apple TV. It’s set in the 1970s, when women were allowed to work in public safety.

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