Laura Flores bursts into tears at the airport, what happens to her? The referee

MEXICO CITY.- Laura Flores is a Mexican actress who has appeared in several soap operas and recently expressed her excitement about returning to television.

He is currently part of the cast of “Vuelve a mí”, a Telemundo production with William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas.

During a video shared on Instagram, the famous actress shared He opened up about his feelings and showed his vulnerability while at the airport, as his return to soap operas means he will have to leave his children in the United States to work in Mexico.

Laura Flores breaks down in tears for her children

Without filters and with all sincerity, Laura Flores shared her feelings on social networks, in a video and with tears she confessed what she felt sad and vulnerable because I had to travel to Mexico and having to leave their children.

He confessed that Her maternal side “destroys her” When it comes to leaving her children, she is clear that it will not affect her good acting skills, which make her one of the best actresses with a career spanning more than three decades.

“I’m sentimental and I go to Mexico to work and I’m always afraid of leaving my children, of course my dogs too. One is vulnerable, sometimes one looks very brave, very courageous, and of course I go.” Doing it, with a lot of desire, with a lot of ovaries, because that’s me, but I still have that vulnerable maternal part that bothers me “Because I don’t like leaving my kids, but hey, that doesn’t mean I won’t do things well, I’ll do my job because I know how to do it, they hired me for a reason,” he said and wiped away her tears.