Big Brother 2023/24, no one is eliminated: who was nominated

Big Brother 2023/2024

No participant was eliminated in the Big Brother episode on September 28, 2023. However, four were ultimately nominated.

Big Brother 202324 no one is eliminated who was nominated

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Big Brother 2023/2024

Another episode is over Big Brother 2023, which is now defined day by day after the first enema. A lot of things happened in the September 28th episode, even though we weren’t eliminated. In the end, four candidates were nominated and put at risk for the next episode. Nobody was eliminated Episode from September 28th

There were no eliminations on the September 28 episode after Claudio dropped out in the final days. An episode that only reveals the nominations that will lead to one of the contestants being eliminated next week, namely next Monday’s episode.

Who are the nominated participants?

In the end, four participants were nominated, three based on group voting, while one Giselda, nominated directly by Beatrice, who was the audience’s favorite. Besides her, there is still one Greece, Marco and Valentinathe latter two were nominated by the huts.

Alfonso Signorini mentions the G-spot and then regrets it: “Cesara, give me immunity against Pier Silvio”

The nominations of the evening

Before the nominations continue, the immune ones will be elected along with Beatrice. Paolo is rescued from the cabin while Rosy is rescued from the house. Giselda, on the other hand, is already among the nominees due to the decision of Beatrice Luzzi, who seems to be increasingly isolated. Each participant’s nominations are listed here. Samira nominated Grecia, who in turn decided to vote for Ciro. The latter, in turn, gave Greece its vote. Then it’s up to Anita, who feels “forced” to vote for Vittorio. Joseph nominated Arnold. Rosi also decided to vote for Greece. Lorenzo follows and nominates Greece. Arnold’s vote also goes to Greece. Vittorio decides to vote for Samira instead. So Greece’s nomination is mathematically decided, but it comes down to the vote of the slum dwellers. Beatrice nominates Angelica while Marco decides to nominate Valentina. Alex Schwazer nominates Fiordaliso. Heidi decides to nominate Marco. Angelica also nominates Valentina and Massimiliano. Aldo also mentions Valentina. Fiordaliso votes for Marco instead. Valentina nominates Alex Schwazer instead. Valentina and Marco are therefore nominated for the huts.

What happened to the girlfriend: the news of the last episode from September 28th

An episode, that of September 28, revolved mainly around the character of Beatrice, who was first attacked by Massimiliano Varrese and then, in the evening, was the protagonist of a clash with Giselda. Letizia’s meeting with her mother was very intense, just as Ciro was able to receive signals from his partner through a letter. So the protagonist was again Fiordaliso, who talked about plastic surgery and his regrets about having abused it.