X Factor 2023, the testimonials of the third episode of Audition: Fedez’s tiring reboot (score 4), the two…

The kindness of Niccolò Selmi (who touches Ambra’s heart), rating: 7

“You don’t know how well I understand what you’re saying; you also do it with a kindness that isn’t so easy to apply in such situations. I can only say thank you.” In this episode, Niccolo Selmi managed to touch the hearts of the jury and the audience with his unreleased song, especially that of Ambra (who was moved to tears). “I say well done to you too,” Morgan added, “you seem like a boy who had to grow up fast.” Maybe I’m telling you things that aren’t true, but it seems to me that you believe in yourself “You have to, you have to believe in yourself, because what I saw is something really believable from an artistic point of view.”

Fedez’s (tiring) restart: 4

Slowly, after the first two somewhat boring auditions, Fedez starts to get going, between several failures and a nice aside about why he raps (questioned by Morgan). The Sedeyp singer, former frontman of a death cover band – a death metal group, as the name suggests – justified his years dedicated to rap as follows: “I rapped all my life because I thought that it makes me cooler than death.” Metal.” “So rapping is cooler than death metal?” the former Bluvertigo asked him. “Emotionally no, for women maybe yes.” “Fedez, is that why you rap?” And there was silence. As the saying goes: those who are silent agree.

The Two Morgans, Rating: 5

In those first three episodes of “When you started, I thought you were out of it,” he said to Alice Tombola. While I was thinking about it, the audience got excited and I said, “Wow, maybe I’m an asshole.” This isn’t so much about the technique, I always look at the technique and I miss the joy and the emotions, the freedom , the feeling of liberation.”

Dargen and the responsibility of the final judgment, vote: 7

When his colleagues at the desk entrust him with responsibility for the final vote that can approve passage to boot camp or the painful final elimination, Dargen never loses sight of his focus. Initially undecided about Giovie&Micke, very much appreciated by the audience, but rejected by Fedez, who found their performance “tongue-in-cheek”, he did not let the tension overwhelm him. ‘At the moment I don’t think your path deserves a place on the X Factor team. I think so, but maybe I’ll change my mind at boot camp.”

Punk Girls (and Paolo Meneguzzi’s Fall Controversy), Rating: 3

The protagonist of the summer’s (trash) controversy against J-Ax Paolo Meneguzzi returns to office with a new controversy, this time in the fall. He’s been thundering against it on Facebook for days. They’re called punk girls, but – as the participants explained in their presentation clip – they don’t hear punk (and that’s not a good start). “For us it is an opportunity to send a different message and set new standards. We want to convey that women are free to choose what they want.” It’s a shame they stumbled upon a few too many: “Tell me you’ll let me travel by private jet/cover me from deception with your money” .

Francesca Spennato and the Renegade Idols, Rating: 5

“And in any case my idol is not Nina Simone, I like Beyoncé.” Francesca Spennato, chakra expert who brought the soul star’s “Ain’t Got No I Got Life” to the auditions, played all the cards to To get Ambra’s approval (which was the deciding factor in the final decision). “You know the chakra has actually come out now, I’m telling you.”

The clear madness of Ken La Fen, rating: 4

With Ken La Fen from Penne in the province of Pescara – on stage with an angel with a recorder who does absolutely nothing for the entire duration of the performance (“They say I’m their muse, but I don’t fit in”) – Fedez lit up. But her clear madness was not understood by Ambra: “My judgment lies entirely in the face of the angel.” A very difficult project to implement within the framework of the program, especially because it requires extremely balanced people (as Dargen emphasized).