Review of the “Golden Bachelor”: Who got Gerry Turner’s roses on the first evening?


“Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner doesn’t apologize for his hearing aids

Gerry Turner, ABC’s first “Golden Bachelor,” chats with USA TODAY’s Bryan Alexander about the upcoming season and the decision to take the opportunity.

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Yes, there was drama and intrigue on the first night of The Golden Bachelor.

Anyone who feared that the intrigue, melodrama and simple oddity of previous seasons would be missing was simply wrong, because 22 candidates aged 60 to 75 met the very first senior bachelor.

Widower Gerry Turner, 72, brought the laughter and dance moves and gave out kisses on the first night, despite promising his grandchildren not to do so.

But what was most evident on “Golden Bachelor” was that contestants were enjoying the exciting prospects of new love after years of fearing those days might be over.

A self-proclaimed “fun-maker,” Faith, who wowed Turner as she raced her motorcycle to the Bachelor Mansion, said, “We may not be as toned and in shape. But I’m not dead yet.”

Let’s go over some “Golden Bachelor” highlights:

“The Golden Bachelor” women are here Get to know the participants of Gerry Turner’s season.

April is ready for “Golden Bachelor” hell

April came to “Golden Bachelor” like a lion. The chicken-loving 65-year-old therapist from Port St. Lucie, Florida, immediately grabbed Gerry by the hand and whisked the tanned treasure away for his private time, to the shock and dismayed chuckles of the remaining crew. As she cuddled up to him, April presented a photo calendar in which every month was – wait for it – April.

“I’m a flirt,” she said. “For me it’s been 20 years. I have to get back into my game.”

Oh, she has courage and rightly high expectations. “If this hen doesn’t get the rose, there’s going to be a lot of trouble in the chicken coop,” she vowed. (Of course she got one.)

Theresa showed off her birthday suit and got a cake kiss

Sure, showing off her “birthday suit” when she met Gerry on her 70th birthday was embarrassing. But it worked for Theresa, a financial services professional from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Gerry returned the favor while the two were alone by smearing her birthday cake on his lips, expecting her to wipe it away with a kiss. That worked too. “That was the best gift ever,” Theresa said after the first kiss as her love rivals looked on. Theresa was confident that the confection would give her the first impression of a rose. That wasn’t the case, but she still took a rose to make it to next week.

How to watch: The premiere of “The Golden Bachelor” is just around the corner

Faith made the Golden Bachelor believe

Faith, 60, surprised Gerry with the motorcycle appearance and impressive hair shake after taking off her helmet. The high school teacher from Benton City, Washington, then delivered an impressive guitar solo serenade. It was hard to top that first impression, which elicited a hickey in full view of the dismayed crew. Of course she took in the first impression.

Sandra got Fs, so honestly fantastic

Sandra, 75, looked magical during her appearance and pointed out that she had to take deep Zen breaths to stay calm. In an extremely soothing voice, the retired executive assistant from Doraville, Georgia, let out a slew of profanities. This moment sank deep into Gerry’s brain. “I like the f-words and the s-words; “That’s who I am,” she said later. Sandra also likes R-words, like “Rose,” which she received.

Leslie has given up on her Prince-“Sexy Dancer” connection, but she moves too well

Leslie, 64, knocked Gerry down with a walker in a slow performance. Then the Minneapolis-based fitness trainer threw off her gray wig and threw away the walker. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, her revelation that she dated Prince, who she claimed wrote his 1979 song “Sexy Dancer” about her, was a mic drop. We’re not even going to fact check this because it should just be true.

The only problem with this contestant is that Leslie keeps making Gerry dance, and we don’t need to see that every time they get together. Prince would definitely have a different title for Gerry’s dance.

We will never forget Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy

Can the “Golden Bachelor” continue without Aunt Chippy? Jimmy Kimmel’s beautifully exuberant 83-year-old aunt stepped out of the limo and lit up the Bachelor mansion in the greatest scene-stealing “Golden Bachelor” appearance.

“This isn’t an 80-year-old club, I can tell you that,” Aunt Chippy announced, assessing the glamorous competition. “I’m in the wrong place.”

Aunt Chippy later fell asleep on the couch and snored during the rose ceremony and any chance of success.

“Did I get a rose?” Aunt Chippy asked as she was woken up by host Jesse Palmer. “Did I at least get one petal?” Unfortunately, no. But she had an impact and a damn good nap. “I want to take the couch home,” she said.

Who got roses from “Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner?

In addition to April, Theresa, Sandra and Faith, 11 other participants received Turner roses, which will be released next week.

  • Christina, 73, a retired purchasing manager from Sierra Madre, California.
  • Edith, 60, a retired real estate agent from Downey, California.
  • Ellen, 71, a retired teacher from Delray Beach, Florida.
  • Jeanie, a retired project manager from Estill Springs, Tennessee.
  • Joan, 60, a private school principal from Rockland, Maryland.
  • Kathy, 70, a retired educational consultant from Austin, Texas.
  • Marina, 60, educator from Los Angeles, California.
  • Nancy, 60, a retired interior designer from Alexandria, Virginia.
  • Natascha, 60, a pro-aging coach and midlife speaker, from NYC, NY.
  • Peggy, 69, dental hygienist from East Haven, Connecticut.
  • Susan, 66, hair and makeup artist from Aston, Pennsylvania.

“Golden Bachelor” promises tears and more drama

Aunt Chippy wasn’t the only one who needed sleep. Arrival night recording ended at 7:30am. “Ladies, do you realize that this is the last time I’ll stay awake in my entire life?” Turner exclaimed.

Sixteen candidates ended the evening with roses. And the preview for future episodes – which feature Turner loving, smooching and crying – promises even more drama.