José José and the fate of the song “The past, the past” that fuels the family feud

After José José's death, problems increased in his family due to his inheritance.  (Photo by Eyepix/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

After José José’s death, problems increased in his family due to his inheritance. (Photo by Eyepix/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In November 1998, one of the most appreciated albums in Mexican rock was released, due to its importance and the importance it has acquired over time. It is designed as a cult material. This is “Tribute to José José”, an album that brought together various bands and soloists to perform songs that made the Prince of Song special. One of the most famous songs is The Past, Past, the cover of which was sung by La Maldita Vecindad and the Children of the Fifth Patio.

The band’s performance was immediately well received by the group’s fans. Not so for some José José followers, who took a while to get used to the arrangement because they identified with the traditional ballad rather than a ska rhythm. Later it was accepted by the listeners after they understood that it was a tribute. The album was a success and they wanted to repeat that formula in 2013 with a second album that didn’t have the same impact as its predecessor.

The song was later accepted by more voices via The Gone Gone. Cristian Castro, for example, chose it because of the homage he paid to José José with the album Long live the prince in 2010. His cover was well received due to the quality of his voice and the retention of the ballad’s original sound. He even got to sing it with the Prince of Song himself.

But it’s not a song for everyone. As if it were a death or a tragedy, it is denied to José José’s heirs. His son José Joel has sung it repeatedly in different styles without receiving positive opinions from the general public. In TV shows, bars or entertainment centers, he tried to show himself as a singer with this song. However, he did not excel in this regard. He has paid the price of constantly being the victim of comparisons to his father.

A similar situation is now happening with his sister Marysol Sosa. She decided to interpret The past past in 2023 in the band genre in collaboration with Estrella de Sinaloa. His version has drawn negative reviews. His father’s fans blame him for this action. They also accuse him of insisting on exploiting José José’s legacy. With this in mind, he did so despite not having the consent of the executor, his mother Anel Noreña.

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Both José Joel and Marysol faced disapproval when they decided to sing their father’s hits. especially after his death. Today they are also in the eye of the hurricane because of a family dispute over the rights to use the Prince of Song’s name and image for commercial purposes.

The discord within José José’s family is well known because its own members were responsible for broadcasting it in different rooms. What happened? Marysol wanted to pay a new tribute to her father, but Anel refused her permission for the artistic work due to different ideas. This began a conflict with exchanges of opinions, distancing and mutual admonitions. In the end, the dispute revolves around José José’s inheritance.

We are currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tribute to José José, an album that is still considered one of the best Spanish rock music to this day, the artist’s family falls apart to claim his inheritance, and “The Past, Past” continues to be a cursed song for his heirs.


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