Carlos Vives surprised people in his first appearance on an American talk show Noticias Caracol

Carlos Vives is one of the most representative Colombian artists of traditional sounds abroad. It is surprising that after a 30-year career, the Samarian artist recently appeared for the first time on an American talk show called “The View” on ABC.

The Colombian singer made his first appearance on an English broadcast amid the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. The presenters, some of whom were Latinas, welcomed him, celebrated his career and reminded him that artists like Maluma recognize him as the Colombian who opened the doors to the outside world.

“That makes me very happy because he is part of this new generation that has watched me do it as children and they really appreciate it, they invite me to sing, they love me and I let them.” And I taught Maluma everything“Said Carlos Vives jokingly at the end.

In addition to skating a little with English, Carlos Vives He managed to give Spanish lessons to those present and taught them to say “vallenato” and some parts of the lyrics to “La gota frida”. He also spoke about the importance of the Colombian-inspired Disney film “Encanto” in representing his country’s culture abroad.

Finally, the singer was celebrated for his Latin Grammy nominations and asked to sing the new version of his song “Las mujeres” with Juanes. Although there was a certain amount of shyness at the beginning, all the presenters and the audience got up to dance.

This recognition of Carlos Vives on American television after the Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla awarded the singer the prize Honorary doctorate in social sciencesthe highest institutional honor for those who promote the identity and culture of the Colombian Caribbean.

On September 29, Samario was present at the college to receive this recognition from the educational community for his promotion and celebration of Caribbean music and folklore throughout his 30-year career.

Carlos Vives preserved and promoted this heritage of the Colombian Caribbean and brought it to the world.. “However, Vives did not limit his cultural interest to the region, but integrated into his work the rhythms of the entire country and its surroundings, creating a musical project that transcends the boundaries of regionalism,” Adolfo said at the event. Meisel, rector of the university.