Daniela Ospina and her breakup with James Rodríguez: “Bad decisions” FutbolRed

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The businesswoman and “influencer” confessed what she experienced when she got married at the age of 18 and revealed more details.

James Rodriguez and Daniela Ospina
Photo: Taken by @jamesrodriguez10 and @daniela_ospina5


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September 30, 2023, 10:47 p.m. M.

Why did Daniela Ospina and James Rodríguez break up? Many have been asking themselves this question since July 2017, when the couple announced the end of their marriage, which began in 2010.

Much has been said about the reasons for the breakup between the businesswoman (David Ospina’s sister) and the Colombian footballer.

However, Daniela herself confessed the reasons for the separation from James. In a recent interview with content creator Jorge Serratos on his show “SINERGÉTICOS,” Ospina talked about what it meant to get married and unite her life with a person who was only 18 years old.

I got married at 18I moved to another country (Argentina) and it was a very radical change in my life (…) Getting married at 18 is a big challenge. I can’t say whether it went well or badly because everyone has their own, different point of view. Back then it was something very magical and very beautiful.“It was a very nice decision, but after marriage comes a lot of things, maturity, things that still need to be experienced,” said Daniela.


Football curiosities

“I am very grateful. I I can’t say it was bad for me because I have my daughter (Salomé)my little girl who is always with me, so I can’t say it was a bad marriage or that it went badly for me,” added Ospina, who had a relationship with James Rodríguez for seven years.

Even, Daniela (30 years old) confessed how hard the media exposure was for her in 2014 when her then-partner joined Real Madrid. as a goalscorer at the World Cup in Brazil.

“I had a moment of great immaturity and suffered from what the press said. By the time I had a very bad time. When he moved to Real Madrid, It was a wave of bad comments. Uh, I don’t know, what if he looked like a transvestite, what if I didn’t know what and you didn’t know how to deal with it. Because suddenly life changes you and changes you for the better, but you have to carry a lot of things with you that mentally weren’t what I expected,” he commented.

Daniela spoke about the reasons for her separation from James: “I think it was due to bad decisions, I think if you are not committed and strong as a family or as a couple, things become very complicated. because everyone will do it alone to survive. And I think that’s a little bit what happened; Everyone took his own side and maybe we’ll both feel alone at some point.”

We remain very good friends because of the love we have for our daughter We were still carrying on at the time, but it felt like a very mature decision, thinking about the well-being of her and both of us; “He was 26 years old and I was 25,” he added.

However, he says that out of respect for his daughter and the relationship he has with the father of his firstborn, he has not “talked more than necessary” and will not do so, as Salomé Rodríguez’s emotional well-being is his top priority .

“Although Our separation was a very mature decision in the midst of so much immaturity, it was the best decisionas we continue to be very good friends, for the benefit of our daughter and for the benefit of both of us, his and mine,” Ospina further explained.

Our relationship was always so beautiful, it was always very friendly, that is, we had a relationship of laughter and friends.“Like a ‘partner relationship,’ it seemed like a no-brainer. When we had to make the decision to separate, we only thought about our daughter and were also grateful for what we had achieved together,” he added.