David Beckham complains to his wife Victoria because she says she’s working class

The marriage between David and Victoria Beckham is one of the most established in the world of entertainment. Despite the drama and problems that are normal in a relationship that has spanned more than two decades, they have stayed together.

His story continues to cause a stir and now there is a documentary on the streaming platform Netflix that bears his famous last name. In it, the British footballer talks about his career and personal life.

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Fisher Stevens, Oscar winner for The Cove, gives a comprehensive portrait of why Beckham became the star he is and how he matured on a personal and professional level.

There is an important section in the documentary dedicated to his story with Victoria. From their first dates, when they were both recognized figures in the UK, to the crises in their marriage. One of them is the player’s infidelity and how it was experienced at the time when it was revealed in the media that David had cheated on her with Rebecca Loos, his children’s nanny.

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The former Manchester United highlights the importance of Victoria in his life and how he stays by her side despite the mistakes.

David’s mockery of Victoria Beckham

One of the clips from the documentary that went viral on social media shows David Beckham pranking “Posh” Spice.

In the middle of an interview, Victoria speaks to the camera and says that her family was “working class,” a statement her husband interrupts from a doorway to accuse her of “honesty.”

“What car did your father have?” repeats the businessman, laughing. The designer refrains from answering the question until she can no longer avoid it and confesses that her father had a Rolls-Royce in the 80s, a high-end vehicle far from being a car for the middle class.

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Social networks are unforgiving and are taking action against the singer. “It’s spicy for Beckham to leave Victoria exposed and he was in the final cut anyway.” Block away so as not to be embarrassed,” “A great David, Victoria’s family was one of the richest in England,” they told him .


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