Find out how much the look Sandy wore at Altas Horas costs

Sandy wore an elegant blazer to record Altas Horas in her first public appearance since the end of her marriage to Lucas Lima

The singer Sandy made her first public appearance after the end of her marriage to the singer Lucas Lima in a recording from the Globo program Altas Horas. The exhibition took place on Saturday evening, the 30th, and its appearance attracted attention. The star opted for an international designer outfit in a shade of purple.

Sandy’s look is a dressstyle blazer with a belt that cinches the waist and feathers on the cuffs. The short, lowcut outfit highlighted the singer’s flawless beauty and was from the brand Bronx And Banco.

The look goes by the name Odessa Purple Blazer and originally costs $650 about R$3,270. Currently, the blazer is discounted on the brand’s website and costs $180 about R$950.

Recently, Sandy has increasingly appeared in black clothing in her shows and public appearances. She recently spoke about her love for black looks. “That’s because black looks great on stage! [risos] I love black, I love presenting myself in black, I find it very elegant. The dark tones look great in my scenes. There’s no reason, nothing special, it’s because it looks beautiful,” he said.

Prize for Sandy’s look in the Altas Horas program Photo: Reproduction

Sandy returns to social media after the breakup

The singer Sandy is back on social media after announcing the end of her 15year marriage to the singer Lucas Lima. This Saturday morning, the 30th, she published a special post on her Instagram feed to celebrate her father, the singer’s birthday Xororo.

In her first post after the breakup, she shared a photo with her father during a trip, in which the two were seen smiling in a beautiful landscape. In the caption, she explained herself.

“Best dad in the world… A beautiful day full of love like you deserve! I love you so much!” she said.

It should be remembered that Xororó has just turned 65 years old. He is married to Noely Limais the father of Sandy and Juniorand is the grandfather of The O, Otto It is Lara.