In and Passion, Petra is afraid of Irene’s evil face: “Capable of much more” TV

Petra (Debora Ozório) will suffer great disappointment when she sees Hélio (Rafael Vitti) in bed with another woman, but will discover that everything in the country and paixão was orchestrated by Irene (Gloria Pires). The agronomist will be surprised by the woman’s wickedness and will realize that she will not get better as long as she lives in the La Selva mansion. “I know my mother is capable of this and much more,” she will say on Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

In the 9th chapter, the villain Graciara (Natália Dal Molin) will pay to break into the engineer’s room and be captured by Petra. The young woman will freak out about the supposed betrayal and cause the affair to explode, which he won’t understand at all since he is in the shower when the waitress breaks into his room in the inn.

The victim will spin out of control and even destroy the boy’s car with an iron rod. “Why isn’t anything working for me?” she will scream, her voice choked with tears.

After the crisis, Caio’s sister (Cauã Reymond) will begin therapy with a new professional. Petra will open her heart to Marta (Kika Kalache) and receive a lot of advice from the psychiatrist.

“Any woman who walked into a room and saw her boyfriend in bed with someone else would go crazy, don’t you think?” the doctor will say. “I know that I have exceeded all limits. But I found out later that this scene was planned by my mother,” “Miss Black Stripe” will say.

“She set a trap for Hélio, the guy I like. So that I can lose trust in him!” adds the girl. Marta will wonder whether the patient is sure of the allegations.

“In any case. My brother and Luigi [Rainer Cadete] they told me everything. I trust them and know that my mother is capable of this and much more. As long as I’m in this house and live with this father and this mother, I won’t be healed, I won’t!”, Antônio’s heiress (Tony Ramos) will realize.

Written by Walcyr Carrasco and Thelma Guedes, Terra e Paixão is set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera in Mato Grosso do Sul. The plot will be broadcast until January next year, when it will be replaced by the remake of Renascer (1993).

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