Chiquis Rivera asserts fashion with the figure hugging slip dress perfect for going out on a date

Amid the scandal that Jenni Rivera’s family is facing after her children sued their grandfather Pedro, one of the interpreter’s daughters Premiere of a new song with which he became the sensation of the moment. Is about Chiquis Rivera, who, despite family problems, expects to be at his best, so much so that he has found it the perfect look for a romantic date and enchant your loved one.

Through her official platforms, the singer announced the premiere of the song “Lo Que No Sirve Estorba” with Paola Jara, with which she has managed to create the perfect song to become the sensation of the moment, not only for the lyrics but also for the video They recorded together and weren’t afraid to show it off its beauty and sensuality. Well, for this occasion they dressed in the best and most glamorous outfits that were in line with the trends of the moment, although it was Chiquis WHO He monopolized all the spotlights.

The singer also wore latex clothing. (Photo: IG @chiquis)

PHOTOS: Chiquis Rivera presents an impressive lingerie dress and fascinates the Internet

As we expected, it was like that in the music video Chiquis She prepared for “Lo Que No Serve Estorba” where she looked more spectacular than ever in a stunning outfit that can undoubtedly be worn on any occasion romantic date, especially if it is a dinner in an exclusive restaurant where the elegance and a touch of sensuality are necessary parts. Would you dare to “steal” the style? Below we will give you all the details.

The pictures show that the person also known as the “Queen Bee” has chosen one flirty lingerie dress with which he bombarded many and was also crowned the hottest thing of autumn, a season in which fashion trends are varied and very diverse. The construction of the garment is characterized by its fitted cut but also by its sensual neckline, which highlights the figure to the highest level.

This is what the singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera looked like. (Photo: IG @chiquis)

In accordance with ChiquisTo captivate, it is important to wear a bold and elegant look that will attract everyone’s attention. For that, he didn’t hesitate to show off Slip dress in nude colors, with which he achieved a much more captivating style. The garment is characterized by a corset in the upper part that creates the effect of marked cups and ties that make the garment shine even more. The design is also accompanied by delicate straps that take current trends into account.

As for the skirt of the garment, a cut below the knees stands out, although what undoubtedly steals all the spotlight is that asymmetrical and crossed case with which it perfectly accompanies a draped effect with which it is possible to add volume to the hips and at the same time follow the autumn trends. Of course, all of this also allows a Detail Monopolize all the spotlights in the world side of the left leg.

This is how she became an icon in front of her fans. (Photo: IG @chiquis)

Thanks to the previous cut, Chiquis found the precise tailoring to look sensual without losing the necessary elegance that characterizes it Lingerie dresses. On the other hand, there are details that cannot be overlooked, such as accessories, with which you can elevate such a look to a maximum level of sophistication that will delight anyone.

To this end, the singer did not hesitate to also add some stiletto sandals, which were the final touch for a radiant look, but also to complete her look with gold jewelry that gave even more sparkle to the image. Finally, makeup to accentuate the look was needed with nude lips and golden wavy hair to show off.

Would you steal the look from Chiquis Rivera? (Photo: IG @chiquis)


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